Pete Kennedy

Pete Kennedy


Irish guy brings you a big American like vocal style that gets straight to your heart. Pete kennedy brings you a new style of country music that he delivers to the audiences splendlidly. It has been noted at Gigs that you can notice a lot of misty eyed ladies in the crowd when he sings the Classics.


Pete kennedy will say that his main influences are The Rascal Flatts, Garth Brooks and The Eagles just to mention a few! It has been said that Pete has got a very impressive Vocal ability along with a very unique Appearance and always seems to be able to wow any audience placed before him however large or small. This guy just loves to perform and this is very evident when he delivers Garth Brooks Classics such as If Tomorrow never comes, Nickle Creeks When you come back down and Rascal Flatts Broken Road! and then he will Proudly launch into his own compositions such as Yellow, This Time and Feelings delivering from the Hearth.
pete comes from a small town Birr Co. Offaly Ireland and from an early age it was clear to see that he had a gift of musical ability with a very smooth and easy listening Vocal. As the years pass and his confidence grows Pete is ever more ready to entertain and deliver to the best of his ability to his fans. From playing in small bars in small towns Pete is playing to a much larger audience in Theatres troughout Ireland after releasing his Debut Album "This Time" and so far the results are fantastic


Album This Time 2011
Tracks from the Album Recieving airplay to date
When you come back down and This Time / Currently recieving airplay in Australia Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland, Ohio U.S.
Newyork U.S. and ID U.S.
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