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"What a look into the creative mind of a grunge soul."

I grabbed the In Limbo album from iTunes. Wow, what a fun look into the creative mind of a kindred grunge soul. And I really like the song "Kindred" by the way. The common thread across the diverse songs on the album seems to be your melodic smoothing of sharp edges (biting lyrics) by your spot-on harmonies between lead vocals, guitar chords, and backing vocals (Dream, Emptiness, Miles Behind, etc.). This quality is often an overlooked skill that so many of the great grunge artists have used over the years (Layne and Jerry, Eddie and Stone, Screaming Trees, heck, even Kurt on some of the Bruce Vig mixes). I will enjoy listening to this along with the Sacred album.
- Bryan Schnabel Musik

"The core of Paradox's sound is driven with passion"

Originally from Ireland this trio has found fairly agreeable success in North America with self promotion and hard work. Hard and in your face with the track "Corporate Pollution" Paradox extracts the essence of the North American ways of life, capitalistic apathy. Coming from a european background these insights into our ways of life are quite refreshing and even more pressing than when heard from within. The core of Paradox's sound is driven with passion and is reminiscent of the grunge/hard rock styles prevalent in middle America. The lyrics are quite insightful and are obviously something these gentleman put a lot of their heart and soul into. "Pretend Friend", one of my favourites displays their appreciation for the musical content of a song with their use of harmonies and a meaningful topic.
- Catsask Music!!


Instant success is the only term I can use to describe the destiny of the Irish band, Paradox. With tracks like "Lame and Languid" and "Infinite" these guys are sure to grace the scene with a pumped up version of the modern Alternative/Rock sound. As I listened I found new reasons to listen again. Obviously Paradox is dedicated to their craft. The mix is great and the power is incredible with a perfect combination of acoustic and electric to please nearly every taste. As Rock goes I always try to compare one sound to another, but Paradox is not a band to be compared to anyone. Pete's vocals are impeccable, beautifully accented by the rest of the band. Lots of great guitar accents and solid beats put Paradox on the top of my "next best list" and make for one killer rock band. Driven by melody and pure adrenaline, these guys are a commanding force in the new music arena. I really enjoyed reviewing this this band and, all in all, I can't find a reason to give Paradox less than 5 stars. I fully recommend listening to their style and adding them to your CD collection.
- Garage Radio



'PETE MAC - IN LIMBO' (2009)





Pete Mac – Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Irish based Alternative Rock/Grunge outfit PARADOX. Not your typical Singer/Songwriter Pete Mac has branched out from his band Paradox and taken his Alternative/ Grunge melodies and musical frustrations to his acoustic guitar.

Paradox have been a band since 1996, formed in Cork, Ireland by brothers Pete and Mike Mac. With two albums officially recorded and released ('Sacred' 2004 and 'Circle of Growth' in 2000 on US indie label) a few trips to the USA, shows, studios, more shows in Europe and a few solo performances in between Paradox have been kept busy. The biggest part of the bands popularity has been through word of mouth and the Internet. No big promo campaign and no Label.

Every Paradox song was originally written and performed solo on acoustic guitar before being transformed by electric guitars, bass and drums. So the 'Pete Mac solo project' if you can call it that is Paradox at its core, every song in its original form, naked, at its point of conception, nothing added. Voice, melody, acoustic guitar. Even the loudest, heaviest Paradox songs can be played acoustically, the melody and basic structure. When music is stripped down, everything taken away you really hear it's soul.


'In Limbo' is a collection of songs that date back as far as 2003, 14 songs written at different times, in different places over the space of 5 years. All music and lyrics are composed by Pete Mac. All instruments (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Tambourine) are performed by Pete and he's also responsible for the production of the album. Tracks 5, 13 and 14 were recorded June 2005, Cork, Ireland on an analog 4-track home studio live. Track 9 is taken from Paradox album 'Sacred', recorded January 2004 at BPM Studios, Cork, Ireland. All other tracks were recorded throughout 2008 in Berlin, Germany. 'In Limbo' is an album of many moods, emotions, each song bringing across a different vibe. From the political outbursts of 'Corporate Pollution' to the atmospheric ambience of 'In Limbo', followed by the melodic waves of 'No Words' to the dischordent chops of 'Bury the World', 'In Limbo' takes a different musical direction from any previous Paradox sound.