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"Pete Möss! Pete Möss! Pete Möss!"

August 15.

Pete Möss! Pete Möss! Pete Möss!

The Band Pete Möss did excellent at the international final of the Emergenza Contest in Germany. The Sherbrooke band got the fifth place out of 20 competing bands. An even more happier news: Tim Brink got the best singer award and his guitar player Sylvain Tremblay won the best rhythm guitar award. The judges has been impressed by their stage presence, the intense interpretation and the powerful voice of Tim and the rhythm sense and the essential unique sound of Sylvain.

The comments on the official website of Emergenza ( say that the band is very professional and energic and that it made the crowd rolling in the mud. Congratulations, Möss brothers! - Voir Journal

"Pete Möss sees itself propulsed to an International Final"

La Tribune
Arts & Culture, Wenesday, June 30 2004

Pete Möss sees itself propulsed to an International Final

Martin, Laura

The Band Pete Möss keep surprising us more and more... keep flabbergasting us. And flabbergasting themselves.

After winning the provincial contest Envol & Macadam in 2003, the gardeners of sherbrooke’s ground just got their place in the final of Emergenza, an international contest for alternative music based in Italy. They won the Canadian final at Le Medley in Montreal on saturday, being chosen out of 196 bands. From there, the five musicians, sharing their prize with a Toronto based band called Running Against Radar, will go to Germany in middle-August representing Canada... Ambassaders with screw up hair and dirty shirts...

"All paid! What a great prize!, says G-Rock, a member of the band that shoots a pure energic rock, 80’s style, The Darkness’s cousin. Finally, maybe We’re not that bad...”

20 bands

In Germany, There will be 20 bands from Canada, Danemark, United States, France, Swedish, U.K., Spain et Switzerland all fighting to win the Grand Prize of 10 shows on the Vans Warped Tour.

Before their Take off, August 11, Pete Möss is going to perform its electric hits at Woodstock En Beauce, next Saturday.

(c) 2004 La Tribune. All rights reserved. - La Tribune Journal

"Pete Möss: All wet "

La Tribune
Actuality, Wenesday, January 28, 2004

Pete Möss: All wet

Laura Martin

A lot of water has flown and much grass has grown since the Band Pete Möss left with everything at the Envol & Macadam contest in May 2003.

The band, who’s named from a compost, performed last summer as an opening act for Sloan. Then they’ve recorded “grounded demo”. After that, the five peat’s sons contacted record labels with their moist rock, sweating ugliness, 80’s style, with a great sense of Humor.

Most of people said they found our music funny... but nobody has signed us yet, says Garth, one of the five brothers, who like to make fun of the glorious Kiss, Motley Crue, Skid Row and other Highly Haired skull tattooed bands.

Unsigned and fearless, those living caricature from a forgettable time came back to their roots. After almost a year an a half of silence and agricultural partys in different bars of the province of Quebec, here they are popping up in our area, from the cold ground of January, to bury fans down under their killer chords. They’ll be at the Café du Palais, tonight. They have an opening act, a punk band called Surcharge.

“The best band in the world” (exact words) will play its most recent songs. The hits Groove Baby and Black Betty will satisfy the earthy lovers. “Girls and partys is a great “résumé” of our musical work. The two subjects are perfectly integrated to our songs”, says G-Rock, the lead guitar player who takes pleasure imitating Slash, from Guns N’Roses. “We only compose smashing hits”.

“Our first album will obviously be a Greatest Hits”, says the other.

Besides that, the fertile musicians of Pete Möss all share the dream of living in a flower,and overall, they’d like to make it in the porno industry. “It’s not a joke. The XXX is an interesting industry for bands in our musical style. We have a lot of fun, and we say a lot of stupid shit, but our music is great. We’re serious in our craziness.

They also try to get affiliated with the snowboard industry. “ We even want to send our CD to the Montreal Canadian Hockey Team. Who knows, our songs could play between games. The weather report channel is also one of our goals”. Yeah right!

With Pete Möss, you have to know what to keep, and what to leave.
Is it possible to smoke peat?

The five Möss brothers, G-Rock, Garth, Murphy, Lucky and Albi are not dead under tons of peat. They’ll be at the Café du Palais, tonight, more energic, more Cheesy, and “Dwarver” than ever.

(c) 2004 La Tribune. All rights reserved. - La Tribune Journal

"And the winner is Pete Möss."

La Tribune
Actuality, Monday, June 2, 2003

And the winner is Pete Möss.
Sherbrooke crush everyone at the Envol & Macadam Festival

Martin, Laura

Against every thought, and especially theirs, the Sherbrooke based band Pete Möss, formed only two months ago, won the Provincial final or the alternative rock contest taking place in Quebec City, affiliated with the 8th edition of the Envol & Macadam contest.

The voluntarily insane quintet, who shares its music with the glorious 80’s bands, won over the 6 other competing bands playing at the Kashmir Night Club.

How they react to this victory? “We said stupid things!”
declares the drummer who, like the other members, refuses to give his name. “ We were very surprised. Everybody was good! I think it’s our originality and the fact that we have a lot of fun onstage that finally pleased the jury.

According to the official communiqué sent by the organisation, the quintet Pete Möss wins 30 hours of studio recording, a 250$ prize, a 650$ gift certificate, a cymbal kit, 5 cell phones, a personalized web page, a party kit Kashmir-Molson Dry and, moreover, a live performance at the Envol & Macadam Festival that’s taking place in Limoilou from july 31st to August 3rd. “ We’ll probably be the Opening act for Sloan August 3rd” says the musician.

According to the band’s communiqué, who’s having fun imitating Kiss, Aerosmith and AC/DC and who’ll play before Galaxie 500 at the Café du Palais wednesday june 11, they also would have won a 24 inches pool, 427 handmade slippers, a one year membership to the Sainte-Foy little builders club, and some torture instruments. Who should we trust?

More seriously, The second place of the battle of the band went to Andromède, from Drummondville, who also won a live performance, some studio recording time and a couple of hundred dollars.

© 2003 La Tribune. All rights reserved. - La Tribune Journal


review by Lex

The hard rockin' juggernaut known as Pete Möss, continues to leave the women in the front row screaming for more as they pursue their regional "Live Dirty" Tour.

Opening for the explosive Buckcherry show at The Saints, it was the perfect choice for such an evening of adrenalin-rushed fans. There was hardly any time to catch your breath between the songs in their set as Pete Möss took on the stage.

The sound was loud and well balanced and you could hear every single riff played by the two dynamic guitarists which is a delight considering that most hard rock shows present themselves in the form of a continuous wall of over-distorted noise.

Fans of extraordinary frontmen such as Velvet Revolver's Scott Weiland will be well over satisfied with Pete Möss' lead singer Tim Brink's Rock n' Roll "shakes". Get close but not too close boy's and girls, the band will NOT be responsible for any injured foreheads when Tim goes into trance!

You can catch the rest of Pete Möss' "Live Dirty" Tour, terrifying somebody's daughter in a city near you:

November 17 - Lennoxville @ Maysen Pub (with Counterclock)
November 18 - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu @ Metric bar (with URISK)
November 25 - St-Adele @ Bourbon Street (with les Trois Accords)
December 9 - Joliette @ Rhinos (with Cesar)

More info can be found by visiting their official website at

- lex


Pete Möss kicked off their debut full length album, “LIVE DIRTY” to a full house of media reps, fans and friends – a seriously hyped up crowd for a 6 pm launch.

These 5 guys can kick it like no one else these days. Filling the air with super energetic rock making all those popular ‘emo’ bands weep in the arms of their guitars and Avril-like girlfriends while streaking their mascara and eye liner down their cheeks.

Nothing can compare to Pete Möss, a band awoken from the ground up punching out songs like Groove Baby and Black Belly. Pete Möss came to life on the Omnium du Rock stage and have been celebrated ever since. With a video to be in rotation on Musique Plus for Groove Baby, Pete Möss are on the way to rocking the world! Plain and simple…Pete Möss ROCK!!!

With a toast of Jack to their arising success, Pete Möss cannot be ignored! Check out their site, and pick up their album sold everywhere.

review by Jennifer Lariviere

- Montreal Music Scene .com

"Emergenza festival review"

Ther Final in Montreal
Kt was groovy, some of it was funky, some of it was punky, some of it was rockin’, and some of it was down right thrashin’, but all of it was something to witness, especially the grooviest babies of them all, Pete Möss the winner of Montreal (hello Germany!). Also a shout out to the Montreal fans, all 2000 of them who packed Le Medley and made the night happen.

Our winning band from Quebec, Pete Möss (in picture), played old school rock-n-roll with a new school attitude. My favourite part of their set was when the singer asked the audience if they were having fun, and as they were screaming out “yes”, he said, “me too”. These guys deserve every air mile they will earn when they go to Tabertaul.

We’re all done here with the Montreal groove. The long journey is over, except for Pete Möss of course. So back to the rehearsal room for the rest of the us. New riffs, songs and funkydelics are waiting. So choose the right ones and get ready for next year. Au revoir.

Mitch Chinasky - 15 Jul 2004

- Mitch Chinasky for Webmagazine


Pete Möss from Montreal that I was expecting to be really good was way beyond my high expectations of them. Pete Möss grabs you by your balls and hurls you head-first into a Marshall stack! Un-fucking-believable!
- Troy (guitar player)

"Stage beasts"

Music (Voir, september 9th, 2004)

Stage beasts

Pete Möss seems to participate in a renewal of the rock scene with its solid riffs that conquered German fans.

The Sherbrooke band travelled to Germany last month where they participated in the international final of the Emergenza contest. In Germany, they performed at the Taubertal Open Air Festival in front of 30,000 people, just before two rock monsters : Bloodhound gang and The Darkness.

And it seems that the crowd was rolling in the mud as they were playing Ride Like Hell, Balls on a woman, White Goat and Black Betty. “In Germany, people are happy to hear new bands” says the guitar player Sylvain Tremblay.

The guys were a little bit deceived when they announced the big winner; only the four first bands had the chance to perform a second show at the festival that took place near the little town of Rothenburg. Pete Möss got fifth place. But, they won two important consolation prizes : Tim Brink left with the Best singer award and Sylvain Tremblay won the best rhythm guitar player award. He’s humble about his prize: “I was especially happy for Tim. He was really touched!”

Moreover, the guys are pretty satisfied with being better than 15 other bands in the end. “There were no bad bands up there” they say.

Voluntary simplicity

Pete Möss is a live band. The musicians first got together to play for fun, to jam. The following events turned out better than they thought. Last year, They won the Envol & Macadam contest and, this year, at the National final of Emergenza, they got the first place over 196 bands. “ There was 6000 bands around the world participating in the contest”, mentions Jean-Max, the lead guitarist of the band.

Pete Möss’s secret? Simplicity. When Tim Brink sings Pawn Shop Dildo or Groove Baby, there’s no second degree to those lyrics. “We noticed that simplicity, sometimes, is the most important thing. We all played in other bands that didn’t get as far as Pete Möss has”, say the guys who played before in bands such as Buildings, Espace Simple and Kermess.

Among the many projects of the band, Pete Möss wants to make a pre-production album and continues to approach record labels. They also want to start performing in the Ottawa and Toronto areas. They deeply beleive in their live performances. “ As soon as they see us live, they’ll want to have us back !” says Sylvain.

Performing live at the Café Du Palais, Pete Möss will have a stoner rock band called Floating Widget (featuring Groovy Aardvark’s lead singer Vincent Peake playing drums) as their special guests.

Élise Giguère

(c) 2004 Voir. All rights reserved. - Voir Journal

"Myth and Success for Pete Möss"

Myth and Success for Pete Möss

Élise Arguin

Drum roll. After partying overseas where they easily conquered Germany, the members of the Sherbrooke band Pete Möss will honor their fans at the Café du Palais, september 15.

Absurdly yours

Pete Möss rocks 80’s style, on most of the time non-sense lyrics.”We are not serious” says Garth, the drummer of the big Möss family.

Because there were The Jackson Five, The Dionne twins, The Dalton Brothers, now it’s time for Garth, G-Rock, Murphy, Lucky and Albi Möss, who are having fun onstage imitating international stars, just to amuse their fans.

“It’s easy to understand, We’re the best band in the world” adds Garth.

Revelation from Rothenburg

More seriously, the rock band Pete Möss was founded in febuary 2003. Its path is short, but whorty. “We won the 1st prize of a contest (Emergenza contest) and it led us to a final in Rothenburg, a small medieval village in Germany” says Garth.

With 20 other bands playing many different musical styles, from August 11 to August 20, the Möss participated to something that the funny Garth compares to a German Woodstock en Beauce. With a fifth place, Pete Möss was rewarded for many aspects.

“We won the best singer and the best guitar player awards” says Garth, who also acknowledge that their band was probably the most popular of the weekend because of their friendly attitude. That attitude, although all jokes, is also humble.

Bring the boys back home

Before the preparation of their album, that they’d like to be released by winter 2005, Pete Möss won’t get a rest.They will perform live at the Café du Palais with their special guest Floating Widget to honor those who followed them to Montreal to the great contest.

“Even if we’re not serious, We work hard on our stuff”. To be discovered on Wenesday september 15. - "La Nouvelle" Journal



1- Sober on Strike part 1
2- 24 woman
3- She's so crazy
4- Confidence
5- Previously on sober on strike
6- Dance with the devil
7- Go!
8- Booze Babes and BBQ
9- Sober on strike part 3


1-Stain on my soul
2-Live Dirty...die happy
3-Balls on a woman
4-Groove baby
5-White Goat
6-Pawnshop Dildo
7-Black Belly
8-Happy to do it
9-Ride like hell
10-Say my name
11-Nunchucks and fairies



Pete Moss.

What happens when the place is on fire? We spit beer on the crowd. What happens when the house system sucks? We play louder. What do we hit when it’s illegal to beat a dwarf with a dead goat’s leg? The roof and call someone who cares. What happens when the crowd goes wild? We go wilder. This is the making of Pete Moss.

The five swollen members got together and unleashed the beast in the basement of a shady Sherbrooke bar in 2003. Fortunately, their experiences from thousands of gigs of the early days before the Moss paid off. A s**t load of gigs all over the world (with such acts as SIMPLE PLAN, Sloan, Danko Jones, The Trews, THE DARKNESS, The Bloodhound Gang, BUCKCHERRY, C.C.R. ), a little booze and some gritty tunes turned this union of animals into a positive and energetic super force.

Pete Möss recently released their new album "Pete Möss present: Sober on Strike episode 3 "recorded with the legendary Nick Blagona (Alexisonfire, Tea Party, Deep Purple, Protest the hero) and Matt De Matteo ( Danko Jones, Mobile, Big Wreck)

When your girl screams for more, that’s where Pete Möss comes in. We love your girlfriends. We don’t mind you.