Pete Murray

Pete Murray


Pete Murray plays a collection of his own work - Inspired by a passion for surfing, love and life. His lyrics are often soulful and heartfelt and combined with the acoustic melodies of guitar and piano, He creates authentic, timeless pieces - easy listening with teeth and a conscience.


Pete Murray is living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, (not Austrailia). He plays guitar... He likes to surf... And he never speaks about himself in the third person... You can find me playing around some of the quieter, atmospheric venues in Ireland, where you get a chance to listen, chill out, soak up a few beers, coffee, do-nuts or whatever your poision and get your head around my tunes. I play with musicians who are connected by the things that matter; namely friends and surfing ;-) I'm influenced by everything I see, hear, smell, taste and touch.
But the things that have influenced me most: Music - full stop- I mean evertything! Even the stuff I don't like will influence me.
Movies by Coppolla, Scorsesse, Ridley Scot, David Lynch and John Huston. Landscape, Oceans, Sky, Real-life Friends, Family, Simpsons, Futurama, The Mighty Boosh, anything by Chris Morris.
Books by Phillip K Dick, Kurt Vunnegut Jr, J G Ballard, Iain M Banks, Albert Camus, George Orwell. Music is free but musicians gotta eat! So if you appreciate what you hear and want to promote my stuff - then find the ear of someone who has musical connections and put us together.


Before you go
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Set List

Original Material:
Sum of our parts,
Before you go,
Times gone,
The Sun can wait,
Venus and Hades,
Three words,
Winter sun,
When you say those things,
May you never -John Martyn,
The weight - The Band,
Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix,
Grey Street - Dave Matthews