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"Pete Nischt starts musical career with debut CD"

July 9th, 2007 · No Comments
In the blink of an eye, singer-songwriter Pete Nischt is watching his dreams comes true with the upcoming Aug. 14 release of his debut CD, “Life is Strange.”
“This is pretty much all I’ve wanted to do since I can remember,” said Nischt, a 2005 Highland High School graduate. “I got signed almost a year ago, and we had a bunch of delays and stuff not going right but I’m pretty excited to get it out there.”
Wait — aren’t you only, like, 20 years old?
“Yeah, well, I freak out a lot about stuff,” Nischt laughed. “You learn pretty quick that it’s a big process, and it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to go. So overall it’s been going good. We’re ready to get it out now.”
Just a year ago Nischt was sitting pretty as a soon-to-be University of Akron sophomore. The accounting major earned a 3.8 GPA his freshman year and had scholarships galore paying for half his tuition. After hearing his demo recordings last spring, fledgling record label Regular Music came sniffing around. Soon they offered Nischt a deal and the acoustic pop rock player, inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Damien Rice and Ryan Adams, found himself having the dreaded “I’m taking a year off from school” conversation with the parents.
“My dad was furious,” Nischt said. “It’s scary. It has to be for them. And right around the time I signed a contract, I got a letter saying I received more scholarship money. So my parents were pretty upset. But they’re onboard now, they just want me to be happy and they say if this is what I want to do, they want it to work right.”
So far so good for Nischt, who recently came off the road from his first coast-to-coast tour in support of New Jersey artist Roark. For most people, a month-long, 8,000-mile journey would be a nightmare. For an aspiring young singer who has dreamed of nothing but playing music for the world, it’s an intoxicating elixir that will only serve to strengthen his resolve.
“That was amazing,” Nischt said. “You can’t really … I can’t describe it. Seeing that many things, meeting that many people and seeing so much of the country in such a short amount of time. I came back and couldn’t really talk to anybody for a little while. My first night getting home was really awkward. My head was kind of spinning. It was really incredible.”
Nischt said his musical aspirations began in the fifth grade when he started playing the trumpet. Then one day he decided he wanted to play guitar. That was only four years ago. That’s right, he’s come pretty far in a relatively short time.
“I don’t have a life, really,” Nischt said. “All I’d do on Saturdays (during high school) was sit and play guitar for eight hours. I put in a lot of time.”
Obviously now he’s starting to reap the rewards of that hard work.
“A little bit,” Nischt laughed. “We’ll see how it goes.”
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"Pete Nischt - The Free EP"

Artist: Pete Nischt
Album: The Free EP
Label: Regular Music
Purchase: Regular Music
Release Date: October 2006

Overall: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Lyrics: 8.0
Production: 7.0

What is better than free? Not much and what is the best marketing tool? Give things away for free. Well I had not heard of Pete Nischt before downloading his free EP (and I’m still unsure of how to pronounce his last name) but I know this won’t be the last time either.

This EP is chalked full of potential. It reminds me so much of the first time I heard Dashboard Confessional, not so much the voice but the style, and the rawness that a singer/song writer and his acoustic guitar tend to have. Also there was an acoustic singer/song writer that went under the name “Remember Maine” with a similar style who later went on to front a little band called “The Academy Is…” so don’t under estimate the potential that lies in the simple single instrument bands.

The record starts off with one of the catchier songs “Hello Denver”. Despite having only the acoustic guitar the EP does stay upbeat most of the time with a big ending plea in the last song “June”. This EP is better than average. Mostly it’s a great chance to get acquainted with someone you will more than likely be hearing more from in the future. This release is definitely worth your time to go download it, and definitely worth the price.

Track listing
1. Hello Denver
2. Second Second Chances
3. Sandbox
4. Stars
5. June - Driven Far Off

"Pete Nischt - Sandbox"

Pete Nischt
(Regular Music)

Pete Nischt's Sandbox EP is the first release from New Jersey's promising indie label Regular Music. "Hello Denver" is a love song to the people and places missed when on the road asking "Please say hello to Denver I'm stuck here alone / Colorado's caling me out." "Second Second Chances" is soft, sweet, and all the things you never say to the one you want. There's a simplicity to the lyrics with lines such as "My best has never been good enough for her." The third track "Sandbox" is by far the strongest lyrically of the bunch. It reminds us that what we perceive of love at a young age may not be all we imagined it to be and that the bumpy road may be just the reality we need. "Stars" questions a relationship and the fate of the narrator. In the final track "June," Nischt shows the complexity of his playing. Lines such as "Make your mind up / Follow your heart / He may love you / but I still love you more," tries to make his loves choice easier.

Sandbox shows sincerity, honesty, and talent - three qualities that are hard to find in music these days. It can only get better from here on out. — Naimah Holmes - High Voltage Magazine


LP - Life is Strange (recieves radioplay on various college and independent radio stations nationwide)

EP - Sandbox EP (recieves radioplay on various college and online radio stations)



Life is strange... that is the quintessential message in Pete Nischt's newest 10-song collection of music. It's a record detailing just how twisted and unpredictable life can really get. The most amazing thing about it, though, is that for an album forged amidst the misery and frustrations of its writer, the outcome was extremely positive. The tone is hopeful and confident. The songs are eclectic and groovy. Written over two years starting when Pete was just 18, "Life is Strange" exudes all of the qualities of a masterpiece in that it is exactly how it was meant to be.

The record itself wouldn't have been the same without the brilliant friendship and guidance of producer Chris Badami (The Early November, The Starting Line), an awesome mastering job by Scott Hull (John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen), or the chops of all of the friends that joined Pete in the studio. We could get into Pete's influences or who we think he sounds like, but the fact is that it isn't important to us because it isn't important to him. At 21, his only concern now is climbing his own ladder of self-realization, wherever it may lead.

To clear up any confusion... after a year of traveling the country solo and with a band, Pete decided in September of 2007 to opt out of his contract with former record label Regular Music due to obligations that weren't being met. He began attending classes in the fall again at the University of Akron as an Accounting major specializing in Music Business. He stayed busy playing solo gigs out of town almost every weekend throughout the midwest, and is continuing to do so. He is taking things slow this winter to write and demo a new record of undetermined length... to be released independently, unless something else comes up!

For booking, press, or A&R queries you can reach Pete directly at