Peter Marr

Peter Marr

 Long Beach, California, USA

He's the corn-fed construction working comic. Peter's stand-up is like listening to your brother give you absurd life lessons from his experience in construction, home-makeover shows and a brief stint as a stripper. He'll also tell you to live your dreams, even if they become nightmares and how that should never stop you. Also, the impressions are always spot on!


Peter is a stand-up comedian, actor, host and producer in Los Angeles.  He grew up in Nebraska but wasn't a big fan of corn, so he moved to Texas as soon as he could.  There he started living the dream as a construction worker, and acted on the side.  Having a few commercials and movies under his (tool!) belt, he decided to move to LA.  That is where we find him today.  Fun fact:  Not only does he play one on TV, he actually is a general contractor.

Set List

Home imrpovement shows
Construction workers
First year in LA
Finding my stolen truck
Luke Skywalker in therapy
Why I don't do drugs
Grandma the toothless killer
Celebrity poker game