Peter Adams

Peter Adams


"... moments of Radiohead's exquisitely crafted chamber angst, Jeff Magnum's chemically-altered, wide-eyed wonder, Jeff Buckley's angelic introspection and the Flaming Lips' finest flights of orchestral fancy." - MAGNET Magazine


Peter Adams first appeared in the underground music scene in 2005 with his self-released album The Spiral Eyes. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by Adams, the album mixed the folk-psychadelia of Neutral Milk Hotel, the playful inventiveness of the Beatles and the technical complexity of Radiohead to create a truly unique musical experience. Without the help of a record label or traditional avenues of distribution, Adams' music caught on among independent music fans and began to spread through word of mouth.

It wasn't long before media outlets took notice of the DIY-success of The Spiral Eyes. SPIN, Amplifier, and Performing Songwriter published glowing reviews, and Adams was profiled twice in MAGNET and listed as a "Top 10 to Watch in 2007." The songs, by virtue of their easy access, were soon being played on over four hundred college radio stations across the country and throughout Europe in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Germanys'

With the help of his band the Nocturnal Collective, Adams has been playing festivals and shows around his native Cincinnati as well as touring cross-country to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and the prestigious South by Southwest in Austin over the last two years. Their live arrangements and energetic song translations create a beauty and richness that is entirely their own.

His highly anticipated second album, I Woke With Planets In My Face, is now available.


Peter Adams - The Spiral Eyes (2005)

Peter Adams - I Woke With Planets In My Face (2008)

Set List

Set list varies.

Set length is typically 45 - 60 minutes