peter b

peter b

BandR&BSpoken Word

Intelligent and passionate protest music with a jazz and blues beat. The music will make you tap your feet and the lyrics will make you think.


My main musical influences were Miles Davis & BB KIng. The songs & poems on my CD's are very original compositions unlike anything else out there. The musical historian will find traces of Frank Zappa, Gil Scott-Heron, and Fela Kuti.


Tracks that are getting or have gotten airplay include Steelhead & Steppin' Stone from the NGAGSPA CD & Just Another Lynching & Funky Butt from HOMELAND SECURITY

Set List

No covers - all original music. Typical set: Trees, Steelhead, Slow Down, Heroes, Just Another Lynching, Homeland Security, Funky Butt, Republican, Dillon Montana Blues, Steppin' Stone, Sold My House, Don't You Know Me, From A Whisper To A Moan. +45min