Peter Bane

Peter Bane


Sounds like a mix of John Frusciante, Rolling Stones, White Stripes and Tom Waits. Gives you that happy feeling when you listen to it like "finally some good old fashion rock n' roll"!!! Evil, dirty with some honkey tonk and great catchy sing along sections!


Peter Bane is a driving force... As a child of music, growing up with a jazz pianist as a father, Pete took to instruments without thought and hardly any effort. After learning the basics on violin he moved to guitar and at 13 formed his first band, Janitors Of Anarchy. His star power shined through quickly and by 16 he formed and became the front-man of OC punk band, Nonsense. Nonsense released several 7 inches and participated on various compilations throughout the 1990's. Their fan base grew and their show size increased getting them exposure on decent sized bills such as the Punk Show '94 where they shared the stage with the Vandals, Sublime, Guttermouth, Cadillac Tramps and many other notable bands that defined the OC punk movement. By this time Pete had local appreciation and fame, which wasn't overlooked by Guttermouth when they went hunting for a tour guitarist. Pete cut his teeth on several US tours with Guttermouth - both opening for large acts like The Offspring and Bad Religion and performing as the headliner. When Nonsense broke up at the turn of the century Pete went "back-to-school" teaching himself music theory. Finally taking after his father, he focused on piano and learned how to work with other musicians like jazzmen do. Eventually the jamming and random gigs solidified into band, Sons And Lovers. Pete played 40 plus shows under this name meanwhile creating a large catalogue of songs for his solo project. He now has gathered a band of talented musicians to tour his first album - to be released on a private label in the spring of 2010. Peter Bane would love for the opportunity to debut his new project, which expresses fully his tenure of experience within the underground rock scene, at this year's SWSX festival. His talented writing style, on-stage presence and swampy, stompy, swinging, punky, dancey, electric American rock/angry folk will be sure to put him on this year's list for most intriguing new band.


Why Do You Do It

Written By: Peter Bane

punish me cause i was bad

fell in love with an empty bag

watch me quiver lose my luck

crept up close enough to corrupt

and you keep on shitting on me

why do you do it

punch me kick me pull my hair

sack me knock me down the stairs

hecklers chuckle when the buckle breaks

hypocrites always list the mistakes

and you...

are you mars or the sun

do you connect to all the dirty ones

is your love a still born

or do you have ample stores of fresh green corn

cause father knows it the brightest thing

he see's what your doing its the loudest thing

from the moon i can judge the tide.

and you keep on shitting on me

The Need

Written By: Peter Bane

wood and fire steel and rain

belive it thru your eyes, no shame

close to truth the same as to blame

claim your just a witness with a mind that is lame

blame the master and the slave

both of which are not in your name

you know i need it, lord i need it bad, why'd i need it so bad

this enlistment aint required

just erased our unfullfilled desires

we'll discuss our unsnared lusts

piles of shame and disgust

sitting on piles of rust

all our wishes were'nt granted

all our can's were all can'ted

you know i need it, lord i need it so bad, why'd I need so bad

Reptile Manchild

Written By: Peter Bane

the darlings are all dolled in their sunday best

they've come to witness all the spectors confess

feels so evil when he gets too hungry

turn down the fire to conserve energy

that little reptile, he is for real

he eats the insects in the garden you conceal

its not the sun but the jewels that gleem

that little feline licks up only the cream

claim jumping man just dont have no chance

lace up them boots draw or dance or laugh

thats on the sign down at old man shektors ranch

that little manchild he is for real

he eats the insects in the garden you conceal

the skin is branded and the glass is all stained

one day he'll bring you what you've always have craved


to be released 2010

Set List

9 - 15 songs, 30 - 45 mins.