Peter Boie Magician for Non-Believers

Peter Boie Magician for Non-Believers

 Sangerville, Maine, USA

60+ minutes ofbelief-challengingwonderment-enhancingimagination-inducingharmonica-appearingreality-alteringcrotch-strappingphilosophy-spoutingdestiny-predictingghost-contacting
magic show that will make you gasp in awe laugh till it hurtsand inspire your imagination
Belief Optional.


Peter Boie, the self-proclaimed Magician for Non-Believers, had humble beginnings at the age of eleven when he stumbled across a magic book at his local library.  Since that time, he has been practicing, creating and honing his craft over thousands of performances developing his unique style of magic.  The title Magician for Non-Believers is about being honest with the audience.  Magic isnt real... but Peter will make you believe for the length of his show.  Combining original mind blowing magic, and a heavy dose of humor is his secret to success and why its made him one of the top booked college acts around the country.

Peter has won honors at magic competitions around the country.  He was also nominated for Campus Activities Magazine awards for "Entertainer of the Year" 2014, Best Variety Performer (2010,2011,2012, 2013), Fastest Rising Star (2010 & 2012) and Best Male Performer (2011 & 2012) in the country!

He has performed for such celebrities as legendary musician Neil Young, quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots football team and ownership.