Peter Both

Peter Both


I am a Dutch songwriter who hopes and dreams that one day his songs will be recorded by all the famous artists in the world (never set your goals too low). Currently I play keyboards in two bands: LOMP a non-nonsense rock 'n roll band with lyrics in my native Dutch language, and Vivace a versatile commercial showband.

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The love we should have made

Written By: Peter Both

When I look back on what I left behind
Different stories all may come to mind
But I'm proud to say I don't look back in regret

My younger days and youthful innocence
Putting it down to lack of experience
There's just one thing I can't come to terms with yet
I recall that at some party we were sitting on the floor
And I said so many things I don't remember anymore

But as we talked it didn't long before we found
It felt so natural, our passion gaining ground
Face to face, I could almost feel your warm embrace
The chance that we would take
The love that we would make

Then we took notice of the crowded room
And all of those faces sitting in the gloom
The world, it seemed, began to interfere

People were dancing, people were telling jokes
All of my dreams were going up in smoke
You looked away and someone spilled your beer

We both kind of shied away from coming on too strong
We had let our moment slip away
'Cause the moment took too long

It felt so sweet, but it'll always be incomplete
Part of me still waits for the love we never made
I could have fun, yes, I could sleep with anyone
But that won't compensate for the love we never made
I could have fun, yes, I could sleep with anyone
But that won't compensate
For the love we should have made

I Must Have Been Blind

Written By: Peter Both

verse 1: You tell me we're through
I sit here in silence, that's all I do
Your mind's made up, we are breaking up
It's sad but true

It's over and done
You say it's been nice, it's been really fun
But now is the time, it is really high-time
To be moving on

Your words seem to linger, then they hit me hard
My whole world is tumbling down
Like a house of cards

chorus: You and me, baby, don't you agree
It once felt like we were meant to be
Close together, here forever
Like some kind of destiny

You give me no reasons, they're too hard to find
You leave because you've changed your mind
And you've been showing me the signs
That I never took notice of
I must have been blind.

verse 2: It's breaking my heart
How I've been wrong it right from the start
Only now I see, it's all clear to me
We are worlds apart

I do see what you mean
No two ways about it, you finish it clean
The stage is all yours, no need remorse,
Now you can leave the scene

You swear you've told me everything
No other actor is waiting in the wings