Peter Breeze

Peter Breeze


Peter Breeze is a gift from the glamor gods.disco blood. creature of the night.


some kids dreamed about living in a fairy tale. Peter Breeze dreamed of creating his own. Peter grew up performing and was always drawn to the drama and fascinated by the idea of celebrity and fame. Peters life changed the minute he stepped into a club - he easily naviagted through it and quickly garnered a reputation for being outrageous , unapologetic telling anyone who would listen that he was a superstar. as soon as he had enough money peter bough a one way ticket to LA in hopes of becoming a movie star but instead found himself sneaking into Hollywoods hottest parties among some of the biggest stars- quickly popping up on celebrity gossips sites and even a few trash magazines. Peter's time in hollywood quickly caused a head on collision with music. His Debut single "FuckTalk" garnered international attention from Djs and Blogs alike and follow up singles X Rated Angle, Taxi and LA have not disappointed. Peter is currently making waves in the club scene with his campy pop music and heart stopping stage shows. This is one club kid you don't want miss…or mess with.



Written By: Peter Breeze/Michael Gordon

She was born to burn on sunset
with her eyes that match the night
and she's looking for the perfect ride
before she says goodnight

she's got her lipstick and her fishnets
singing old 90's cassettes
and her fur is used just like those knockoff shoes
and that pack of Marlborough reds

she's a movie star
be a legend when she's dead
saw her at the bar
i swear I heard she said

I don't care if I die, just don't let me disappear
I never wanted to be famous anyway
I prefer the boulevard, just got lost up in the hills
no one makes it out alive,
in LA

And all the people passing by
say she's too reckless and too vain
the city that she loved
has made her casually insane

and you know that she's no angel
she just woke up in this city
she just happened to be lucky
she just happened to be pretty

Disco Mama

Written By: Peter Breeze

6 am and mama breaks her water
another voodoo dolly living off her father
and all those bones they don't and up to a meal
just because she paints her face doesn't mean she don't feel

and all the preachers wanna meet her cuz shes getting the praise
and all the neighbours wanna kill her cuz they want back their days
and her parents try to change her but you know this girl's stuck in her ways
and they're saying she's a menace but she don't give a damn
and you know she'll never be tied down by a man
mama don't care if no one understands

Disco mama don't you wanna stop your babies from crying tonight
Disco mama if you wanna we can show your babies how to do it right
and isn't this how u wanted it to be?
a single lady with a famous family.
disco mama disco mama disco mama
ill be your baby tonight

Another morning waking up without a dollar
she left the bar at 3am and everybody saw her
head of the family hasnt slept a wink
mama doesn't care what other people think

she get another knock about domestic abuse
they're saying she don't love them cuz she's letting them use
she's burning it a both ends but she don't see that she's lighting a fuse
and saturday at family dinner someone raises their hand
if this is the life mama i just don't understand
you say that we can leave but we know that we cant


Bonnie&Clyde (full length album 2012)

Send In The Robots (full length album 2010)