Peter Conover

Peter Conover


Metamorphic folk-rock with a poetic focus. Conover swings from the traditional to the experimental, from acoustic to electric, throwing in his distinctive whistle where most folkies might throw in a harmonica, and it's all about the WORDS.


Conover is a professional actor who turned to music in the mid eighties. With hundreds of theatre roles and a lot of actor's training behind him, his approach to performance as a musician is a lot more direct and committed to the material than the "cool" that is affected onstage by so many musicians today.

"INTENSE" is the word most commonly used to describe a Peter Conover set. He has something vital that he MUST tell you about in every one of his songs, and he is almost impossible to ignore. It's all a little too real for some listeners. Some have said that Conover's performances are almost frightening, because when he's really fired up, he gives the impression of someone who is on the verge of falling completely apart - or going up in flames.

Never a "party" musician and never an "ambient music" act, Conover was deeply influenced by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Tracy Chapman, the Indigo Girls, Richard Thompson, Joan Osborne, and other artists who have proved that PASSION and CONTENT can be a powerful factor in pop music.


Four Winds

Written By: Peter Conover


words & music by Peter Conover
Copyright 1992

mother did you hear your child when you died
singing with the north wind's drive

mother did you know your child never cried
running just to stay alive

other than a scream that faded like a dream
nothing there remains to feel

covering the clocks and building up the blocks
and searching for a tear to steal

lady have you held an egg in your womb
growing with the east wind's blow

lady have you called a demon from his doom
telling of the stones below

maid your love of life still cutting like a knife
stays the hand of deadly steel

ready for a war you barricade the door
but enemies inside get real

brother took a step in quest of the best
following the south wind's heat

brother took a dive and settled for the less
wandering the empty streets

lovers broke the trust and truth fell into rust
and wishes in the glass got slammed

hovering before him visions of the whore
haunted all the seconds damned

mother did you know your son took the train
howling in the west wind's rain

mother did you hear your son went insane
pulling off to smoke the drain

covering the faults and sealing up the vaults
the boy is buried as we planned

other than a song that isn't very long
time has taken down the man


- FALCON: CD, 2000
- LIVE AT PAGAN SPIRIT GATHERING: Live performance on limited release cassette, 1994
- IN THE VORTEX: Live performance on limited release cassette, 1994
- REALITY CHECK: Live performance on limited release cassette, 1990
- DREAM STREET: Cassette, 1986

All tracks from METAMORPHIC and FALCON are available on RuleRadio (

Several tracks from both of Peter's CDs receive radio play in a variety of locations, including Madison, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee in Wisconsin; Austin, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Boston, Massachussetts; and Sydney, Australia.

Set List

Conover's sets have varied from 1 hour appearances to 4 hour double concerts, and have always been mostly original material plus a few covers that Conover feels very strongly about performing. A typical 2-hour concert would be two sets of 9 or 10 songs each, and often he will bring more musicians to the stage as the show progresses. here's what he played at his most recent appearance in Rockford, Illinois:

- RANDY (P. Conover)
- STAY (P. Conover)
- FOUR WINDS (P. Conover)
- ISIS (B. Dylan)
- THE TERCEL AND THE ROCK DOVE (N. Mayfield) - w/ Erycka Zeekaf on bass
- BURNING TIMES (C. Murphy) - w/ Zeekaf on bass and Arielle NaMara on vocals & percussion
- PANNISH BOY (parody of "Mannish Boy," McDaniel/Ellis/London) - w/ Zeekaf & NaMara
- CALL (P. Conover) - w/ Zeekaf & NaMara

- DREAM STREET (P. Conover)
- MAKE THEM WELL (P. Conover) - w/ Zeekaf
- AVALON IS CALLING (words, S. Conover & P. Conover / music, P. Conover) - w/ Zeekaf & NaMar