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The best kept secret in music


"Smooth Jazz and More's Top 10 CD's of 2005"

It was a hard list to compile this year. There were so many CD's considered and reviewed this year. I've given a ton of 4 star ratings to many talented artists, which tells you about the amount of unsung talent out there. Here's my list;

#7 Peter DuVal Lee – Contemplation

Third time’s the charm for this hidden musical talent from Rhode Island. - Michael James Smooth Jazz and More Radio

"Peter DuVal Lee – Contemplation 4 stars out of 4"

July 1st, 2005

Peter DuVal Lee’s last two CD releases were evaluated with high marks on this web site.  So it would be interesting to see if his next release would be just as good.  He sent me a copy of his next release.  He's still working on the cover as of this review.  One of the differences I noticed is that it has vocals.  This is evident in the tracks, “Soul Rock” & “Understanding”.  His singing is not overpowering, yet not too subtle.  It’s a welcome addition to his musical repertoire.  The rest of his CD is flawless, continuing with the formula he uses from his previous releases. The track, "One World" is the best track for it's vibe. “Contemplation” gives full satisfaction to the listener.  It's his best work! - Michael James: Smooth Jazz and More Radio

"Peter DuVal Lee – Reflections & Closer 3 1/2 stars out of 4"

December 1st, 2004

The website,, sends me PR releases of independent artists looking for a musical outlet for their songs.  One such musician caught my eye, Peter DuVal Lee.  The Long Island native and current resident of Rhode Island provided me with 2 CD’s for review. 
“Reflections” was his 2002 debut CD.  According to his website, this recording was, "...layered with driving bass and guitar-filled grooves that are jazzy cool."  It does deliver the goods.  It’s a marvelous recording with a music style similar to jazz guitarists, Lloyd Gregory and Norman Brown.  The CD is well crafted with its arrangements and compositions.  The best tracks were “Thinking of You”, with it's very radio friendly tone. It's flavored with R&B and Reggae, making it a nice listen.  “Love101” is also a high point as it gives the listener an idea of what Smooth Jazz is.  Overall, this is a great debut by a jazz guitarist that should get more airplay. 
“Closer” is his latest release.  It avoids the sophomore jinx by providing equal, if not, better tracks than his debut CD.  One track that sets the tone for the CD is “Rush Hour”.  It provides the listener with vibes reminiscent of the late Zachary Breaux, very solid arrangements.  Another track I enjoyed was “So Close, Not Quite”, with its production value much like guitarist Ronny Jordan work, hip and smooth.  If you’re looking for good Smooth Jazz, consider this hidden gem! - Michael James: Smooth Jazz and More Radio

"Debut Live Performance"

Here are audience reviews of Peter DuVal Lee's debut live performance.
October 23, 2005

"WELL!!! YOU REALLY OUT DID YOURSELF. PETER, YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! I had no idea how very, very good you are. And you can sing too??? WHO KNEW?? I looked around the audience too, to see how people were reacting and they were really into you--heads were bobbing and feet were tapping!! People really responded well and I could tell that they would pay money to hear you play--anytime. Stay with the music--You're going to do great. Celebrate; You're off to a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL professional start."   -Odessie Preston                                                                                       

"Peter you know I could not miss seeing you perform. I am so proud of you. I look forward to attending more of your shows. You were phenomenal." -Theresa Wells

"Thank you for a wonderful session. The best thing about Sunday
morning.... is knowing you're going to listen to great music Sunday night. Take care."      -Debra Fox - Peter DuVal Lee Website


CD Releases: Reflections (2002), Closer (2004), Contemplation (2005)
Reflections, Closer, and Contemplation are playing at select Live365 Internet Radio Stations and


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in Setauket, Long Island New York...

Learning to play an instrument was a family requirement just like Saturday chores. Watching his father play, he was amazed at how Dad's big, long fingers could be so nimble. He decided that the guitar would be his instrument. Learning with the aid of one of the many Mel Bay guitar chord books, listening to Santana rip leads, his cousin Steven's playing and James Brown, he listened and listened and had a pretty good ear for picking out the rhythm guitar parts. Through the end of high school, Peter jammed with his cousins and he and his siblings started a contemporary gospel group. They played at some Long Island church events with Peter on guitar. This continued for a while until through family and personal trials the group "petered" out.

He later spent some time at WUSB, Stony Brook University's radio station. Peter had a weekly show and visions of becoming a radio personality. Even though he enjoyed playing music selections that would not be heard on mainstream radio, spending hours in a stuffy, small room was not what he wanted to do. During this ending phase, the guitar was collecting dust and the radio personality dream was fading but music was still an important part of his life.

Entering college, Peter continued to play, but only for himself. Peter graduated school with a Bachelors in Social Work. At this point, the guitar was definitely in the closet. In 1986, while working in Providence, music still pulsing in his bones, he had another "brilliant" idea. He began to review jazz artists releases for a small Providence newspaper called the Grapevine. He wrote for the Grapevine newspaper for about two years at which time the Grapevine closed. Later, The Providence American newspaper had begun and Peter was able to continue his reviews.

During this time, some of Peter's most memorable reviews were written after seeing Cab Calloway, Sade, Marcus Miller, Santana, and Third World. Later, Peter took it to another level and developed a website which included excerpts of interviews with Marion Meadows, Bill Evans (saxophonist), Me Phi Mi, Heavy D, Vanessa Rubin, Patches Stewart, and Delfeayo Marsalis. As excited as Peter was with interviewing artists for his website, this didn't fully quench his thirst. With some equipment and his father's 1950’s ES-125 Gibson, Peter started composing some of his rough ideas. Yet, listening to great guitarists like John Scofield, Hiram Bullock, Al Dimeola, and Santana, Peter never felt that his playing was even in the ballpark. Until "that" day he, Will (a close friend) and Wayne (who is a fabulous bass player) were listening to each other's music and supporting each other's projects. Wayne said, "you play your songs your style and you don't have to play like anyone else". As simple as that statement was, it was very liberating and in that, it freed Peter to get to know the guitar as he had been feeling it. One of his sisters who was writing and composing her own contemporary gospel music lent Peter all of her equipment and said, "Peter get busy". For Peter, when one is passionate about something they love to do... being "busy" is a great feeling.

Peter DuVal Lee is still busy working on his music endeavor.