peter ezra

peter ezra

 Christchurch, Canterbury, NZL

Peter Ezra is a singer songwriter in the Alt folk tradition - with the usual mix of influences - Bob Dylan , Leonard Cohen , Johny Cash- but with his own black humor take on it.


Peters band includes Sean Fergus[ Hound, Modern Trash Quartet, S.T.A.H ] on nylon guitar - Arnie Van Bussle [ Flood, Zimm Roberts Trio, Nightshift] on base and
Richard Skinner [ The Groverlers, The Super Groverlers, The Tastey Bits] on Drums ,Guitars ,Trumpet, Twelve string and other assorted instruments
The album was engineered and produced by Richard Frew [ Soundwave Studio ] and Arnie Van Bussle [ Nightshift Stuio]
The New York Times called the album " .... an almost masterpiece. " [ Jan 2011] .


The self titled Peter Ezra album - Peter Ezra - is petes first under his own name