Peter Fields

Peter Fields


Peter Fields is joined by World Jam Club to bring a diverse sound of latin, jazz, world, classical and R n B.


Mr. Fields has captivated audiences worldwide with his mastery of diverse musical styles and unique approach to guitar techniques. His repertoire ranges from classical guitar, Jazz, R n B and Latin music masterpieces. He has performed on the Washington Chamber Symphony recitalist series.
What happens when you bring a classically trained violinist from Bolivia, a classical guitarist from the Southern U.S and a world music percussionist from Southeast Washington, D.C. together in the DC area? The World Jam Club, an ensemble founded by guitarist Peter Fields to share the joyful, spontaneous collaborations of world class musicians with the widest possible audience. Their repertoire consists of Peter’s award-winning compositions and masterpieces of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music by such greats as Augustin Lara, Ernesto Lecuona, Ary Barroso and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The ensemble consists of Peter Fields on classical guitar, Dannice Crespo on violin and viola and Kevo on percussion.


Discography Releases:
January 2003, Peter Fields-"Stillness Of The Heart"
June 2008, Peter Fields & World Jam Club-"Sundance"