Peter Fitzpatrick (iMADEtheBBC)

Peter Fitzpatrick (iMADEtheBBC)


Honest Folk Pop Folktronica from Ireland. Singer-songwriter Peter Fitzpatrick's songs will pull at your heartstrings. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and Peter is holding it.


What's It All About ?

Peter Fitzpatrick (iMADEtheBBC) writes songs that deal with the subjects that pull at your heartstrings.

The songs talk about the frustration at our human limitations: the inadequacy of language, how we make it difficult for ourselves.

Sometimes the songs are just about "...stuff....the stuff that happens and we never stop to ask how or why..."

His debut EP "Lonely Hearts & Car Parts" is now available.

It all began in the 1970s with a love of pure pop that hasn't gone away.
Through the 1980s Peter played with members of Thin Lizzy, Cat Magic, Kick, Mirror Freak, Papa Hobo, and many Dublin pop and blues bands.

A move to New York in 1990 opened up a world of opportunity and he soon found himself writing award-winning soundtracks for the earliest multimedia CD-ROM games and interactive products.
"It felt like being a 20th Century Pioneer of sorts. A mouse and keyboard instead of a horse and saddle ! ".

He soon found that writing music-to-order is not good for the soul.

By 2007 he decided he wanted to be more than a side man playing other people's songs. He began to believe he had something to say that would resonate with an audience.

He said in his blog that it was
"... time to be 1986 again. That's when I last remember imagining that I could be a singer-songwriter."
Since summer 2007 Peter has been navigating the Dublin live music scene. Playing venues around town and whenever possible playing in the UK, USA and Europe.

When asked about the fact that he came to writing songs and solo live performance relatively late in life he says

" Live performance is liberating. I'm not here for the money. I'm not here for the fame. I'm here to try and say something and to see if it resonates with an audience."


EP "Lonely Hearts & Car Parts" (2009)

Set List

1 hour set of mostly original material. Yes, I perform cover versions but only if I can put my own stamp on them. For example I perform the Human League hit "Don't You Want Me" in a folk style.

Typical set at an acoustic venue is as follows (original song unless noted)

Holding On
Shipbuilding (cover version)
Be Alright
Dirty Little Secret
Bed For Sale
Our Human Condition
Don't You Want Me (cover version)
Don't Pretend.
What Do I Know ?
(I Want You To) Break Me.
Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.

At venues where possible I setup a video projection to accompany my set and will move between acoustic guitar and piano for my songs. I have created 'folktronic' versions of some of my songs and will use my laptop to enhance my guitar & vocal.