Peter Gilman

Peter Gilman


I mostly work alone so far. sometimes my brother will accompany me on the mandolin and my nephew on the guitar. I focus more on song writting and melody than production and recordings

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Unmarked Grave

Written By: Peter Gilman

Unmarked Grave by Peter Gilman

Oh When I die won’t you lay me down,

In an unmarked grave outside of town

Where the willows weep and the dogwood bloom

You know, that’s all I need for my hidden tomb

So when I die be bold and brave,

Won’t you lay me down in an unmarked grave

When I was young and full of pride

I gave my mama cause to cry

I led the life of one who knew not what he done

But now I’m old and my ways are set

I’m filled with sorrow and regret

I can’t recount my sins or notches on my gun

no granite thick, no pillar high

To bear my name when I die

So let the kudzu come, and cover up my sin

For there’ll be no tears fallin’ from my kin

So when I die, be bold and brave

And won’t you lay me down in an unmarked grave.

So the bible says, accordin’ to the reverend,

The less we keep on Earth, the more we’ll have in Heaven

But is there any hope for my soul yet

Will anyone forgive? Will anyone forget?

The deeds I done on Earth, the way that I behaved

It’s best you lay me down in an unmarked grave
So lay me down in an unmarked grave