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Peter Grace

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My music consists of a testimony of my life. It's very lyrical, articulate, and its style varies from that bottom crunk to the east coast hip hop flavor. The message is very tasteful and uplifts the name of Jesus Christ in all aspects.


The Biography of Peter Grace

Born in Bronx, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, Peter Grace appears in the midst of today’s Gangsta Rap that has stigmatized the culture of Hip Hop. As a minister of the gospel, and a gospel rapper, he plans to reclaim Hip Hop in the Name of Jesus. Through Christ he speaks to the hearts of the youth and those in bondage. His desire is to free the streets from the cancerous deception of drugs, sexual sin, and murder that is spoken into existence from the mouths of today's secular artists and into the hearts of today’s youth.

While living in Overtown, and attending The Tree of Life Deliverance International Ministries, Inc. he completed the final touches on his album “The Transformation from Gangsta to Gospel”. He is dedicated to turning gangsters into Christians and thugs to the Truth. Preordained to witness to drug addicts and drug dealers, he talks from experiences that he once lived and overcame through the Grace of God.

In the future he plans to finish a book of poems titled, “Pain & Suffering” including a six song CD soundtrack to the book. Also a documentary showing how he lived before and after accepting Christ Jesus. He recently finished a live concert documentary movie titled, “The Word on the Street" produced and directed by Pastor K. Stepheon Weech, which contained live footage from the “Sold Out for Christ Tour”. Peter Grace was also honored with The Legacy Award in May of 2006. He has also shared the stage with ministers of the gospel such as Corey Redd, Zic Lag Boys, Rawservant, E-Cross, Todd Bridges, Petidee, and Shirley Merdock, just to name a few.

Peter Grace is also the CEO of Affluent, Inc. which launched sub divisions; Affluent Records, and Affluent Graphics. In July of 2007, God allowed the birth of twin ministries through Peter Grace and his wife Angel, "Da Bottom Gospel Hip Hop Conference" and "Affluent Magazine". Both ministries are missioned to glorify God, give the testimony of Jesus Christ, and save souls. To God be all the glory.


I Got Jesus

Written By: Pedro "Peter Grace" Marte

Walk out the door and I see stems and seringes.
A nickle bag of dope man, dem boys be off the henges.
There are wicked spirits in high places,
snares and traps, face to face with demonic face.
Every where you go man you best to be praying.
Every word you talk man you best to be praying.
The devil's listening, he'll have you living in the dark, plus disobeying God.
Listening to the world telling us were all pimps and player, can't you see how the devil's trying to play us.
But on the real man we're all getting played.
Cause each and every day, dog, so many people catching aids.
We have to sarcafice, living with these leaches and these blood sucking paracites. Come On.
I Got Jesus, I Got Jesus, I Got Jesus, Yea, Yea, Yea.


True Soldier, & I Got Jesus

Set List

Intro Prayer 3:26
B.I.B.L.E 3:02
Halleuia 3:46
Renew My Mind 4:08
Mi Amigo 4:44
In My Lac 4:53
That Thang Serious 4:52
Through Me 4:59
I Got Jesus 4:21
My Backbone 3: 53
Contridictions 4:17
Praise Him 4:25
Dave Do Dope Feind 3:56
Only You 4:32
True Soldier 4:28