Peter Graham

Peter Graham

 Wembley, England, GBR

Peter Graham a British singer song writer presents a set of his original songs with accompanying videos on a musical journey through Japan from Aomori in The North to Okinawa in the South. Styles from folk to techno merge to present a kaleidoscope of impressions, sung in English and Japanese.


Musical roots are early British pop: Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Cream, singer song writers: Dylan, Donovan, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Springsteen, Neil Young. Also American soul/pop: Tamla Motown, Otis Redding, Started playing rural blues from Leadbelly to Memphis Slim and Bluegrass standards. Played sax in a show band, Bass in Rock 'n Roll bands. Has played charity performances all over the UK and the US:- youth clubs, old folks homes, prisons. hospitals. Lived in Japan composing songs of towns and countryside, helping with grass roots movements for change by presenting positive songs and images. Organised world music shows in London to promote friendship. Now working on a concert with Taiwanese, Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian musicians. More info is at:- and



Written By: Peter Graham

Midori you move me and everything's gonna be alright
Midori you are the stars that shine out in the night

We're always waiting for the summertime, then it goes so fast
Well I'm not waiting for the summertime
Cos I got one and you're the one that lasts

Feeling flow back and forth they go,
just breaking waves on the beach of your heart
You're running out in the midst of despair
You reach out it's gone, still you run on.

Midori bokuno kokoro wo
Ugo kashita subete umakuiuksa
Midori kimi wa hikaru hoshi
Subete umakuiku hazusa

Midori yeah
Midori yeah

Gardens of Kyoto

Written By: Peter Graham

I saw a butterfly and then a bamboo water stick crack
Dropped an ancient stone into the ripples of my mind
A lazy dragonfly drifts slowly through the quiet reeds
A gentle searching sigh floats in unheard upon the breeze

It's a wonder to see a place like this
Inside that flow
We might find a better life
And then we'd know, gardens of Kyoto.

It seems to be that the rain never stops
Going on till we drop
But the sun will always shine another day, another way.

If we could only just be at peace like this, inside that flow
we might find a better life and then we'd know,
Gardens of Kyoto

Okinawa Sunshine

Written By: Peter Graham

Okinawa sunshine lights up my days
Beautiful views are gonna be with me always
Getting downhearted with no way out it seemed
And then Okinawa sunshine rescued my dreams

The island sun is shining bright, I walk along the beach alright
And the sunshine dancing on the sea
I believe that better days are gonna come in anyway
Because the smiles are warm and spirits free
S won't you let your sun shine on me.

Okinawa msic is close at hand
Swaying softly cross the glistening sands
And when there's thunder with skies all turning black
Play on through the heartache and then never turn back.

The island breeze blows cool tonight, i walk along the beach alright
And the moon-beams swimming in the sea
I believe that better days and gonna get here anyway
Because the smiles are warm and spirits free
So won't you let your sun shine on me, hey yeah!

Tokyo Time

Written By: Peter Graham

It's hot, getting hotter, that's what the TV said
We'll see if cool intentions can put ice on this hot head

This time is yours and mine
Tokyo time, it's yours and mine

Go round uptown, Shibuya in a steamy haze
Video's loud and surging crowds push and pull the endless days

Tokyo time, it's yours and mine
Tokyo time, sha lalalala. it's yours and mine

Fade in, fade out, there's a lot of life about
I look, I stare, a whole lot of people must be going somewhere

No matter what they say, they can't deny
If a soul can only try, someday that soul will fly

Tokyo Time it's yours and mine
Tokyo Time, sha lalalala, it's yours and mine

Umaretewa kieteiku, takusan no inochi
Hora mite goran
Daremouga dokokani aruiteiku

Darega nanto ioto, hitei dekinai
Kokoroni negaeba
Kokorowa itsuka tobitatsu

Tokyo Time it's yours and mine
Tokyo Time, sha lalalala, it's yours and mine.

Sayonara Nara

Written By: Peter Graham

Now it's time, Sayonara Nara leaves falling
Back to the world, Sayonara Nara life's calling
You will stay but still you'll be walking with me

See the girl sitting in the temple talking
The woods listen in, softly supporting
And one tiny bird wants to join in and be heard

She sits in the window and smiles in the sun's glow
A vision in white and light
Oh well you haven't seen her but you have believed in her
Deep in your mind you'll find.

It's so calm, Sayonara Nara ah leaving
Walking away, Sayonara Nara ah grieving
You will stay and I will return someday

You will stay and I will return someday.


1995: Album: Songs For The World
1998: Album: A New Frontier
1999: Album: Tokyo Time
2003: Album: Kaleidoscope
2005: Album: Follow Your Dream
2009: Album: Ride On the Storm
2010: Album: Peace, Love and Blessing
2011: Single: Midori
2012: Double CD/DVD: Paper Windows: A Kaleidoscope of Japan

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Various, from Albums, depending on the show.