Peter Greenstone

Peter Greenstone


Singer/songwriter, Peter Greenstone crosses stylistic boundaries and combines surprising sounds within songs, creating a conceptual texture that enhances the lyrics and story being told, shaping moods with intuitive precision.


Peter Greenstone is an independent musician, a singer/songwriter producing his own sound from his home studio in Austin, Texas. Freely stepping across and often defying genres, Peter mixes acoustic and synthetic sounds and tones to create an atmosphere in his music that is sometimes surreal, sometimes haunting, sometimes whimsical, but always personal.

Peter has been influenced most by artists who were storytellers and who could transform themselves. Genres are something to be defied in most of his music. It can be flavored in any one of mix of many, whatever feels right to enhance the sense of place and meaning.


Peter Has two albums out now.

"SOMETHING" 2005 - on CD as well as online distribution

"BROKEN SYMMETRIES" 2008 - on CD as well as online distribution