Peter Hoven

Peter Hoven

 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

With a string of successes behind him, Peter Hoven has launched his debut solo album “No Apologies”. His first single “Fire Still Burns” has been play listed on national South African stations Highveld (No.4 on Homebrew), KFM, Algoa, OFM and many more and the song has brought this talented singer/songwriter into the spotlight while his fan base grows steadily! His phenomenal guitar skills and world class vocals make his live performances a must see. Original music in the Rock/Pop/Blues Genre tha


Peter Hoven has hit the South African Music Scene in a big way! His much anticipated debut has just been released and promises to shake up the music charts with his first single “Fire Still Burns” already being playlisted around the country on stations like Highveld, KFM, Algoa, OFM, RSG and more.

Combining his phenomenal song-writing skills and musicianship with his unique soulful vocals, Hoven has produced his debut solo album in the Rock/Pop/Blues genre that is proof of his amazing talent.

Hoven is originally from the Cape but is now a Johannesburg based musician
who is quickly making a name for himself on the live music circuit! He has also recently started acting and has already had success by securing the lead role in 2 SA advertisements.

Peter Hoven started his musical career when he formed an acoustic duo with Gerald Clark (Delta Blue) called Clark & Van der Hoven in January 2006. They released their album “Own Decision” in 2007 and built a dedicated and passionate following and were named “Best Band at Oppikoppi 2007”. He then decided to go solo!

In recent years he has performed at Oppikoppi (Easter & August), Splashy Fen, White Mountain Folk Festival and STRAB in Mozambique. Among other endeavors, Hoven has been the producer of The Eric Clapton ‘Slowhand’ Tribute Show for the last three years with great success performing this his tribute show at venues like Emperor’s Palace, Tanz Café’ and Potter Place.

A prolific songwriter, his vocals capture the essence of melodic soulfulness with a rhythmic acoustic guitar following suit.

Peter Hoven’s music has an emotional yet edgy flavor to it and captures a very broad market!

GENRE: Rock/Pop/Blues
SPONSORS: Sunglass Shop, TBY Jeans, Music Connection


Album: Own Decision Clark and Van der Hoven
Album: No Apologies Peter Hoven