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Album EP - Living on Island Time
Single - Burning Wood
Single - Ice Cold Beer



Living on Island Time Production Notes:
Recorded at Bay Farm Studios, Kingston, Ma.
Produced by: Peter J.
Engineer: Paul Caruso
All songs written and performed by Peter J. (BMI)

Peter J., performed rhythm, finger style guitar and vocals.

Engineer: Paul Caruso has worked extensively with Aerosmith and also co-produced and played drums on ''Mercy," on Joe Perry’s instrumental that was nominated for a Grammy Award. A little more than a year ago Paul played drums with Perry on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien Show. Paul Caruso was well known around Boston in the music industry.

Bass Player, Tim Archibald performing on the album has won the Best Bass Player in Boston Award several times and has traveled the world playing bass with many rock and roll bands. Tim’s fretless bass can be heard in several songs providing such rich under tones that are unique in this album.

Guitarist Dana, West provided electric, acoustic and classical guitar. Dana captured the feel we were looking for with his classical guitar while also providing the subtle rock edge. This is most evident in the song Pina Colada where Dana plays both parts in the instrumental.

Percussion was performed by Paul Caruso

Heidi Thompson and Katie Mackey provided back up vocals on "Martinique", "Pina Colada" and "Cast Your Dreams."

About the songs:

All the songs on this CD were written after several trips down to the Caribbean. The song, Track 3 Pina Colada combines several of the islands and the Keys of Florida. Banana daiquiris from Martinique, Cruzan Rum from St. Croix and Pina Colada from Bonaire and the idea of being out and about just having some fun and the sun going down behind the clouds out on the sea, from Key West. This combination shaken not stirred will provide a very up tempo song about baking in the sun, singing our song and just having some fun!

Track 2, Island Time came to me after a busy day at home and finally sitting down watching TV trying to unwind and I started to think about our recent trip to Bonaire. While we were down in Bonaire after leaving home during a major snow storm I was trying to remember if I had gotten everything done before leaving, I needed a cup of coffee desperately that first morning. I ordered a cup from our waiter and 20 minutes later, I still didn't have my cup of coffee. Seeing the pot of coffee I went up to get the cup myself. Just as I reached for the pot our waiter turned and said, "I said I would get the cup for you mon now go back and sit down and I will bring it over to you in a minute". He added, "Where are you goin' mon, do you need to be somewhere mon"? I went back to our table and sat down. My cup of coffee arrived after another 20 minutes. It was then that I realized I was now Living on Island Time. I wrote the song that night.

Track 4, Cast Your Dreams was written when we were down in Puerto Rico. It was in the evening and my wife and I were lying in a hammock out under the palm trees out by the beach. There was a band playing in the cafe near by and a couple walked by holding hands and the moon was rising from the sea and I said to my wife this would make a nice song .......... I pulled my hat down as I closed my eyes.

Track 6, Boat Shoes (I wanna be a millionaire) was a fun song to write. Just putting the words together made me laugh while writing it. The song was based on the fact that someone actually said I was no James Bond.......Really! Take a good look around. I also don't have much in the way of luck either. I think we all dream about what it would be like to win the lottery or strike it rich and what we would buy with all that money or what we would like to do with it as far as rolling in it or what have you. Most of the people I see on TV who have won the lottery don't look much like a James Bond either. For me, I'm still standing on the pier waiting for my boat to come in.

Track 1, Martinique was written about leaving one paradise (the old coast of Mexico) for another with some beautiful secluded coves where all you need is a bottle of tequila, a lady and a sun that's hot!..........that's all you need and all you've got!

Track 5, St. Lucia. To ask someone to sail away with you to St. Lucia and promise to stay with that someone for all time would be one of life's greatest adventures. St. Lucia is only a state of mind. The the real adventure.

About Peter J.

Featured Artist of the Month July 2007. Live interview with Dennis "DK" King's Island Time Radio Show, Heard on WBWC 88.3 FM in Cleveland, Ohio and at on the web April 2007

Singer/Songwriter, Peter J. started performing in 1978 playing folk, bluegrass and country music. Peter's first guitar was purchased by cashing in on the silver market that went through the roof around 1979. He took $98.00 in worthless silver coins and cashed them out for $993.00 and bought a Martin HD 28 which he still plays today.

Over the years Pete