Peter James

Peter James

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San Francisco-based British singer-songwriter Peter James composes lush, cinematic folk music. Dramatic, passionate and reflective, Peter's songs stimulate imagery and emotion from deep in the soul.


"This is gentle but subtly energetic music, full of gorgeous instrumental interplay and memorable vocal melodies - and upon first listen, it is easy to miss the intricacies of the interlocking guitars, the delicate yet effective percussive touches, and single-line textural elements that blend seamlessly into a shimmering harmonic whole." -Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine, June 2006

Reaching across genres, Peter James is a part of the rich folk singer-songwriter tradition, which he combines with a popular music sensibility and a compositional sophistication. Supported by the unique instrumentation of 8-string guitar, Chapman Stick, electric-upright bass and fretless guitar, the music is intricate and daring.

Born on the grey, gloomy shores of South Wales, Peter began writing and performing in the United Kingdom where his vocals soaked in the influences of David Sylvian, Morrissey, Everything But The Girl, and Lloyd Cole. He later made his way to San Francisco via Southeast Asia. Inspired by melodic percussive rhythms and the Classical Minimalist compositions of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, he takes a fresh approach to guitar playing and songwriting.

His debut release Footnotes to Fairytales will delight any listener who is willing to brave a journey of heartbreak and capable of understanding its beauty. This is lush, cinematic folk music - thoughtful, subtly complex and intelligently composed.


Footnotes to Fairytales - Full length CD, 2006
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