Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN


Balance — it seems like Peter Joseph’s always been striving for balance.

In the early '90s, Joseph was lead singer in Toronto's pioneering funk/rock band CHeeZBOxx, a band that attempted to balance the members’ love of different musical styles, mostly funk and rock, but also jazz, reggae, punk and hip-hop. In the three years the band was together, they released two EPs and a full-length CD, "Shake What Mamma Gave Ya." They were praised by The Toronto Star, Now, Exclaim, and Eye Weekly, as one of the tightest and funkiest bands playing around Toronto. One memorable gig upstairs at local venue Sneaky Dees, the band had so many people dancing and jumping, that patrons downstairs had pieces of the ceiling falling on them!

After the demise of CHeeZBOxx, Joseph went on to an even funkier vibe with Slinky, but quickly left to front the straight-ahead rock outfit, Rock Quarry. Their only release was the five-song indie cassette, "Don't You Want My Autograph?"

But the funk was missing. Joseph knew that he needed to dance! Now, he’s back, solo, with the soon-to-be-released CD "Balance," as he tries to balance love, family, money, fun, and all the things that life throws at us.

He’s been gone too for Peter Joseph around town, because he’s back, and he wants you to dance!


Turn It Out

Written By: Peter Joseph

Turn It Out

Picked up the paper just the other day
I'm readin' bout priests and politicians still worryin' bout who is gay
Does it really matter who people choose to sleep with
There's some real troubles goin' down but they can't handle it

I'm talkin' bout the constant fighting hatred and war
Bad has been outweighing good we need to settle the score
Sometimes I feel like we don't stand a chance
But like Cheezboxx said in the 90s baby let them dance

So Turn it Out, baby, do what you gotta do
Turn it out, baby, do what ya body tells you to

Who says we gotta live like that
Don't want to worry about no one carryin' a gat
I just want to have a funky good time
I'd never hurt yours, so please don't hurt mine

Just listen to the groove y'all, ya know it's sick
But don't call no doctor, I don't want a cure for it
Let's make hard times a thing of the past
Boys and girls get on the floor and shake that...

If I Told You

Written By: Peter Joseph

If I Told You

If I told you I had a problem
Would you listen to what I said
And if I told you you were my problem
Cos I can't seem to get you out of my head

Many times at nite I lay and wonder
How you'd react to what I wanna say
It's something I'd like to discover
Cos my problem's not going away

If I told you what have I to lose
If I told you stop dropping all these clues
If I told you would you shake on over here
If I told you whisper in your ear

And if I told you I think you're sexy
Would you think that I'm too bold
If I told you seeing you with him it just wrecks me
I could make what's hot with him seem mighty cold


I'd really like say all the right things and show some class
Oh but truth be told if I get you alone
I'm gonna tap that ass


Give Unto Caesar

Written By: Peter Joseph

Give Unto Caesar

I used to feel lucky enough
But lately I'm sufferin' all the time
Pockets empty as the sky above
But baby, I don't even mind cos'

You know when cash is runnin' low
There's always something that is near

I still feel lucky because
I know what matters

Baby you should give unto Caesar
What should belong to Caesar
Keep for yourself what you need more of

Give unto Caesar
What should belong to Caesar
Cos money don't last forever baby
Not like love

Sometimes I get tired because
It seems like someone is always after mine
Feels like push is gonna come to shove
You know what I'm talkin' about

It's pay the rent, pay the man, taxes going out of hand
Visa bills, bank loans, don't forget the telephone
I still feel lucky because
I know what matters


Love - I don't care about the bling bling said
Love - Love is the only one true thing
Love - I'm not a fool we all need money to survive but it's
Love - Love makes it worth being alive

I used to feel lucky enough
But lately I'm happy all the time
Pockets empty as the sky above
But I know what matters



As lead singer with Cheezboxx:
Who Cut the Cheezboxx Cassette Maxi-Single
Live Without You EP
Shake What Mamma Gave Ya

As Slinky:
Slinky 2-track Single

As Lead Vox/Rhytm Guitar of Rock Quarry:
Don't You Want My Autograph EP

As solo artist:
If I Told You CD-Single Apr. 04
Balance scheduled for Dec 04

Set List

Turn It Out
Pray for the Funk
If I Told You
Give Unto Caesar
Don't Think I Don't
Waiting On a Train
Who We Are
I Wished Out Loud
Help Wanted
Use Me (cover)
Sing A Simple Song (cover)