Peter J Slack

Peter J Slack


Peter's vocal range and unique guitar stylings, and original songwriting combine to cover a range of blues and folk styles.


Peter J. Slack is an independent Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, aspiring music producer, mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur. Although Peter loves all musical styles, he is most comfortable exploring the folk, jazz, blues and ambient/improvisational genres. Peter has had a lifetime of musical training and involvement. In his teens, Peter studied jazz guitar at Eli Kasner's guitar academy for 5 years. Peter turned momentarily from the musical path in 1984 and spent the next decade first obtaining an Engineering degree at the University of Western, and then practicing engineering, raising a family, and running a family owned mining business and organic farming venture. It wasn't until 1996 that the music bug took hold again and Peter branched out to begin producing music forming a music production and recording company, Digital Bird Studios. It was then he began exploring the realm of independent, desktop computer based music publishing, and he produced several albums for young independent artists including Jennalyn Flesch and Dave Misener (Convertible Robots, Sir Jerry). Peter has since continued to produce music on the ever-increasing capabilities of the computer desktop and home studio as well as experimenting and blazing trail using the Internet as a free and open musical distribution mechanism.

In 2004, Peter was inducted into the Toronto area collective of songwriters currently known as Songwriter's Unite!. After several years writing songs and gaining inspirations through performances with and among other amazing artists in this collective, Peter has launched a folk musical style and has just released his first official CD: "The Cat Continuum", a folk-pop album.

Peter publishes philosophy, words and music both on his podcast that has worldwide distribution and on his website (

Peter is also a member of SOCAN and a member of the Headwaters Acoustic Music Society.


Heal the Children

Written By: Peter J Slack

What's yours is yours.
What's mine is mine, but
maybe we should feed the children, together.
What goes around,
all comes around, but
maybe we should heal the children, together.
Turn up your nose,
I turn my cheek, but
maybe we should free the children, together.
The world is large,
yet the world is small;
if we fail to save the children, together.

What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine.
What goes around, comes around.
The world is large, the world is small.


Written By: Peter J Slack

Put the trash in the can,
Drag it down to the end of the road.
Where it goes from there,
Don't really care and don't want to know.

3 billion starving people,
Living on the edge of life.
Vanish into the darkness,
Out if sight and out of mind.

Drive off in your car.
Don't let anyone get in your way.
When it all goes wrong,
Take a pill and it all goes away.

In fear the armies marching,
with allegence to a flag.
3 billion people starving,
enemies of the state.

Put the trash in the can,
drag it down to the end of the road.
Where it goes from there,
Don't really care and don't want to know.

Mother is Going to Melt Your Ice

Written By: Peter J Slack

The fields are burning.
We've poisoned air.
Nature is turning
a war on this terror.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

The east is yearning
for western fare.
Dollars churning
for plastic wares.

Hey hey!
Mother is going to melt your ice.

How green is your lawn?
How far does your tank of gas go?
When we reach the desert island,
won't matter any more.


2004 CD Release: The Corporate Blues Tracks
2006 CD Release: Cataclysm
2006 CD Release: The Cat Continuum

All tracks released on podcast:

Set List

Typical Set list 30-40 minutes, All original songs

Love Walks In
In my Favourite Book
Cupid's Arrow II
Blue Sunday
North American Dream
On The Farm