Peter Judd

Peter Judd


"Peter Judd has a command of the stage that resonates with all in the audience. With his charming songs, self-effacing humour and great chops, he knows how to entertain a crowd. " - Richard Knechtel Summerfolk Artistic Director -----------------------------------------------------------------


Peter Judd :Larger than Life! smaller than a fridge. Peter Judd's meticulous songwriting craftsmanship,comedic timing and commanding vocals - often compared to Johnny Cash- distinguish him from other Canadian solo artists mining a similar vein. With his debut CD "Ink Stains" he joins the short list of storytellers taking ordinary lives and turning them into memorable songs like his OCFF award winning " How to Build a Wall." "When Jory Nash phoned to tell me it won in the humour category I thought to myself- 'how nice...' people find humour in my depression. Golly. Thanks."It's this kind of self depreciating, tongue in cheek riffing that's winning over audiences at concert halls,festivals and pretty much anywhere that this emerging artist needs to play to earn a living doing what he loves. Having gained invaluable wisdom during his travels -mostly not what NOT to do- he eagerly shares it wherever he goes. "never attempt levity in an Oktoberfest hall with the words: 'so THIS is what the world would look like if Hitler had won the war.'"But thankfully with experience comes the wisdom to know the right things to say like he did recently after receiving an ovation in front of 200 "Fred Heads..." "Before I go I'd like to thank Fred Eaglesmith for graciously agreeing to be the closing act for my first sold-out concert performance."


2006: Full length (11 track) indie release of "Ink Stains", recorded at , engineered and co-produced by Dave Teichroeb.

Set List


Peter's concert show consists of 2 sets - 45 min. first set / 30 min. second set.

Peter Judd in Concert Set 1

Afraid of You
How to Build a Wall
Again and Again
Thick with Sin
October Morn
Learning to Love
Has Been
My Shadow

Peter Judd in Concert Set 2

Squint Your Eyes
Ghosts of Khandahar
Goodbye While the Gettings Good
Hard to Face the Morning
If Leonard Cohen was a Friend
I Surmise
Knitting Mittens for a Snake


Lean on Me

If doing cover tunes Peter does songs such as:

1. Folsom Prison
2. Sweet Caroline
3. It Don’t Hurt
4. Believer
5. 5 O’Clock World
6. Nova Scotia
7. King of the Road
8. Piano Man
9. Heart of Gold
10. She Thinks I Care
11. We’re Goin Up
12. Dock of the Bay
13. Boots or Hearts
14. Cats in the Cradle
15. Barett’s Privateers
16. Take it Easy
17. Cigarette
18. Space Oddity
19. Hurt
20. Ring of Fire
21. Wake Up Little Suzie
22. Paddy Murphy