Peter June

Peter June


Provoc-Rock: Music with a conscience, melodies for the masses. Though much of his efforts as of late have been invested in the newly-founded quartet, Centrevol, June reserves some of his best-kept work for a solo-acoustic format.


Recipe for a debut album: 1 bleeding heart, 1 Guild guitar, 1 lost love. Bake in a G4 Power Mac for 6 months and burn to disc. Serve stirred, not shaken.

Peter June has all the elements of a singer/songwriter: he writes songs and he sings them. As an added bonus, some people really like them. It is with this buoyed confidence that he brings his music to the masses with his first record on May 4, 2005.

A New England native and current Bostonian, June, 23, is acutely aware of his status in that awkward space between the safe boundaries of college life and the risky freedom of "the real world." His debut album, "...a solitary bird on the roof", is a collection of songs stemming from a broken relationship and a wrestling match with the elusive "why" that ensued. To say the album is vulnerable is akin to saying Mikey "kind of likes" Life cereal. But rather than being egocentric, the songs are surprisingly hopeful and outwardly focused, inviting the listener to relate on a personal level. Peter notes, "There's something very mysterious about vulnerability put into a song - it's the honesty that attracts people and provides a common ground to say, 'Yeah, I'm right there with you.'"

June strives for that connection through his live performances. With a passionate vocal delivery reminiscent of Bono and Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), no song ever sounds the same twice - it's an experience all its own. The backbone of this relational approach is a strong faith. "I grew up in a spiritual context, and some of the first music I can recall is the old gospel tunes sung on a Sunday morning. What struck me was the music's ability to strip the sociological barriers that exist between young and old, rich and poor, black and white - and for 5 minutes give you a taste of heaven. That's what I'm after."

If finding common ground is the goal, Peter's loftiest aim can be summed up in his own words: "If I can get a subway car full of strangers singing the same song, then I can take over the world."


Sarah Moves Softly

Written By: Peter June

“This is crazy” she says
As she turns to the door
“There’s a whole world out there
That we’ve never seen before”
“That’s fine”, I say.
Thru a Mona Lisa smile
She knows
I’ll be around here for a while
Staring at the spot on the kitchen floor
Where her shadow lay just minutes, no seconds before
I need to know for certain
I need to be sure
I’ve never been in love
(like this) before

If I traced our history
Like a circle on the ground
I’ve was the fixed point
That she wandered around
You have oats to sow, people to know
And a shopping list of foreign places
You’d like to go
I have ambitions and dreams of my own
But tell me, what’s the point of living
If you’re just living it alone?
How can you be so certain?
How can you be so sure ?
I’ve never been in love, She says
(like this)before
I am so certain
I am so sure
I’ll never be in love
Like this anymore

Sarah moves softly like she’s in the grace of God
She’s dancing ‘round the issues, and I want to play along
Sarah speaks slowly on the threshold of my life
And She keeps insisting “Someday I’ll come inside.”

I am hoping for a happy ending
As I’m conclusively sending
A final letter her way
You and me, just kissing in a tree
This is what I want:
But then the wind starts to blow,
And I think, maybe not
I’m not so certain
I’m not so sure
I should call this love

Wait, Just a minute more, Wait, just a minute more
Wait, just a minute more and, and…..

Love Song For The World

Written By: Peter June

anyone can write a love song
Put some chords together
Sing about the weather
When she is gone
(Did I mention she’s gone?)

Make the melody soft and slow
Add universal lyrics
So everyone who hears it
Can call it their own
(Can you call this your own?)

But I don’t want to hear this song
On the radio, or a video
‘Cause my heart don’t belong
On a tee-shirt or a mini-skirt
And I’ll tell you what I know
And you can write your own
Love song for the world

Put a girl’s name in the title
It adds a human touch
But doesn’t say too much
About your love life
(or your lonely nights)

When its time to track the song
Leave space for strings
‘Cos the feeling it brings
Can never go wrong

But I don’t want to play this song
For just anyone who loves it
‘Cause my heart don’t belong
to everyone in the general public
But I’ll give you all the tips
And then get back to this
love song for a girl:

love song for a girl

Wondering Why

Written By: Peter June

She’s a bulls-eye, on the side of a rocket
A diamond ring, thru the hole in my pocket
When your North star is a Bedouin car
Make yourself at home in a wandering heart
She’s a light bulb for a bullet wound
a well-kept secret, that was leaked too soon
We’re a model train with good intentions
A run-around track of honorable mentions

Oh, just wondering why
Oh, you can reply

Mother Goose and Brother’s Grim
Could never come close to the tale I’m in
A Cinderella story, for the record books
With novel ideas in our passing looks
At the sound of a bell, we could turn the page
But Jack and Jill fell, before the signal came

Oh, just waiting for why
Oh, you can reply

Oh, slow down baby
Don’t get ahead of yourself
I know it takes some patience
But time is a mime,
That eventually tells


"...a solitary bird on the roof" - Released May 4, 2005

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"Second Chance" - The ZSid Experience on Lslapiko Radio, added the week of 4/28/05,

Set List

Sarah Moves Softly
In Between
One Step Closer
Second Chance
I Won't Cry
Love Song For The World
Wondering Why
Too Much To Ask
Positive Thinking
Don't Know Why

All I Want Is You (U2)
Babylon (David Gray)
Firecracker (Ryan Adams)
Salvation (Cranberries)
Message in A Bottle (the Police)
What's Goin' On? (Marvin Gaye)