Peter Karp

Peter Karp


By taking his lyrics as seriously as his music, Karp has carved a niche for himself as one of the contemporary Americana/blues artists to keep a watch on. His wit and character are brought to life with whiskey-worn vocals and stunning live performances.


Blind Pig/ Stony Plains Recording Artist.

Many artists get sabotaged by rave reviews that compare them to legendary performers they'll never have the chance of surpassing. How many singer/songwriters once called the next Dylan have faded into obscurity, or found their struggle to present their own unique music hampered by the unrealistic expectations such comparisons cause? All that said, singer, bluesman, folkie, and songwriter Peter Karp should be a lot better known than he is. It's tempting to say he combines John Prine's wordplay, Joe Ely's rocking instincts, Billy Joe Shaver's fatalistic outlook, Tim McGraw's good looks, and an expressive tenor that combines the fire of a young Steve Earle and the lazy drawl of Mose Allison, but that wouldn't be right. Karp is his own man, an artist who blends roots music styles into something that combines and transcends blues, country, rock, honky tonk, R&B, swamp, swing, and jazz. He may record for Blind Pig, a San Francisco-based blues logo, but he's no more blues than he is country. He personifies the amorphous Americana movement, freely shifting styles to keep listeners guessing, and dancing too. His lyrics combine working-class angst with college-educated insight, and a deadly sense of humor that keeps things from getting too dark. (From the Allmusic Guide)

Raised between the rural trailer parks of Southern Alabama and the swamps of North Jersey this Yankee/Rebel mutt is a master songsmith, and accomplished guitarist and pianist. He has deadpan delivery, charming looks, and an alluring charisma rarely found in roots music.

Born to a writer/creative director mother and a father who, as a downed WW II bomber pilot, spent 18 months in a Nazi prison camp and later trained helicopter pilots on an Alabama Air Force base, Karp knew two distinctly contrasting worlds. In addition to being blessed with the creative traits from the maternal side and the strategic mind of a seasoned military man, Karp had help keeping his life together during a challenging youth by his Godmother, a strong African-American woman who lived with his family and served as a surrogate mother to Karp. Through this a-typical parental dynamic Peter learned the dynamics of respect and compassion and a strong grasp on the devices that make the world go ‘round.

Life’s simple complexities provide the roadmap from which Karp finds his musical direction. Through his songs we can relate, laugh at his cynicism and feel his pains yet through the ride he shows little hesitation in taking light-hearted swipes at the speed bumps, traffic lights, and side streets we all have encountered. Rarely will you ever find it so easy to connect. Here’s your chance...


Shadows and Cracks – 2007, Blind Pig Records
The Turning Point w/Roadshow Band and Mick Taylor- 2003. Back Bender's Records
Roadshow - 2002. Big Kahuna Music

Set List

A complete show - takes you thru the gamet of human emotions with a good dose of humor holding it all together. Electric and acoustic guitars, piano songs; covers mixed with catchy original favorites.