Pete Lamb

Pete Lamb


Bluegrass, Americana and country.


I am a songwriter. I work with different people/line-ups as well as solo, in the acoustic field. I have also just formed an electric country band. If you have time, please give me some feedback on the song, positive or negative! It all helps. Thanks


The Well

Written By: P.Lamb

Come to the well, take the yoke off your back
low your pail into the ground
the water in the well is deep cool and black
and the bottom they say cannot be found

come to the well in the middle of the night
when dark shadows creep all around
steal through the trees in the pale starlight
kneel down at the silver stone round
and give thanks that the bottom cant be found

oh hold me down, down in the water
baptise me in my fear
hold me down, under the water
dont leave me drowning out here
Im drowning out here

Come to the well and rest here a while
listen to the still all around
the water is deep, secrets to keep
like a silence hidden in a sound
aint you glad the bottom cant be found?
oh hold me down.. etc

and the bottom cannot
the bottom cannot
the bottom cannot
be found


work in progress.. (The Well is now mixed. Apologies for any ear damage caused by the unmixed version!)

Set List

Americana, country and bluegrass songs and tunes. A mixture of old bluegrass and country standards and original songs. My sets vary depending on who Im working with.