A Range of Sound and Melody, with dynamics ranging from Loud to soft parts, underneath deep emotive vocals, that soar over Picture Perfect Guitar Parts.




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A wave of sound and melody, Peter is the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist of Propel. The EP, "A Year Worth Forgetting", was self-produced and released in May 2005, When Propel officially hatched from the bay area, of California.

With over 160 shows under its belt in just 17 Months from Origin, Propel has also been featured on 3 Compilations, in 3 different markets of the US, all released as of 2006. Two Movies two date, have used or acquired Propel's Songs, not to mention over 30 Radio Stations, both FM, and Online have added Propel to there Play Lists for Regular Rotation Nationally.

Toured from Seattle to Los Angeles, Three Times, in the Summer of 2005, and Completed a Full West Coast Tour without Label Support, in June/July of 2006. Propel landed National Digital Distribution in Sep. of 2005.

Propel officially Signed to Muted Records on October 30th, 2006:

Propel's DEBUT as a Signed Artist, will be, "Antique Scars" which was Released on Dec 26th, 2006:

A new ep, as well as Tour through the Bay Area of CA into AZ is being booked currently, and Peter will go into the studio before the year's end for recording.


Collapse and Fade

Written By: Peter Kasen of Propel

"Collapse and Fade"
I gave up,
I gave in.
I saw the signs,
I let you in. (in, in, in)

So, I'm letting go.
I'm shedding skin,
I've picked away at these
Scabs, For you.

Some other time,
Some other place.
In so many ways,
We complicate ourselves,
From the world we create.

So, I'm letting go,
I'm shedding skin.
I've picked away at these,
Scabs, For you...

So, I'm letting go,
I'm shedding skin....



"A Year Worth Forgetting" E.P. Release Date:
May 15th, 2005

"Antique Scars" E.P. - Release Date:
Dec 26 th, 2006:
Released on Muted Records

Set List

Every Wrong Turn
Splitting Atoms
And now I know
Ill soon forget
Collapse and Fade
Looking Glass
Another Year (Without Winning)
Out of Clay
Less than Human
Of Cause and Affect
White Nights
A Long Goodbye
Underneath One
The Trigger Effect
Honest Eyes
The Simple Complication
Lilly White
Just Like You
Slow to Burn
4th and Mission
What I used to know