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Propel @ The Beanery

Peoria, Arizona, USA

Peoria, Arizona, USA

Propel @ Rebounds

Rocklin, California, USA

Rocklin, California, USA

Propel @ Sac Roadhouse

Sacramento, California, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos




For more information, Please contact:

PR for Muted Records

Muted Records, Seattle WA


New Indie Label, Muted Records, Announces its FIRST OFFICIAL artist signing: Propel.

We are honored to welcome Peter Kasen - known by fans as Propel - as the first artist to officially sign with the Muted Records Label. As of today, October 30th, 2006, Propel is teamed with Muted Records after a long and discerning search for what he considered a label with the sort of ethics and behaviors he could feel good about calling home. And we at Muted Records couldn't be more pleased to be the kind of label any artist considers a "home." Propel's career pre-label has been impressive, to say the least. The achievements he's managed "career-wise" without the benefit of management or booking agents, while still putting his efforts passionately into his singing/songwriting and rarely-heard level of guitar playing is a testament to his dedication and talent.

Amidst the surge of inquiries, requests and talents we've seen since recently going public as a label, Muted Records recognized Propel as distinctive immediately: Propel seemed to us the nearest thing possible to an embodiment of our own Mission. The "real thing", Propel possesses true Indie spirit and ideals. The evidence presents itself in all that he has accomplished. We believe with him, in his love and passion for independent music, in his drive to be heard, and in his devotion to his fans.

This, we thought, has to be the best way to launch this label. We're looking forward to taking the reigns over in the management department and finding out just how far Propel goes when he is finally afforded the opportunity to really focus on his craft. We're betting high!

Muted Records will be Releasing (Antique Scars)

This will be our First Label Release, and will be available in Dec of 2006:

Pre-Sell of Propel's, Antique Scars, will begin on Nov 1st of 2006:

Propel will hit the Studio, after his Midwest Tour commences, in March, to begin Recording in Seattle, WA, his Debut Full Length Album in 2007.

Additional Information can be found at the following websites:

Muted Records on Myspace

Any inquires may be directed to

For All:
Booking and PR related inquires: - Muted Records


The interview Caz Bevan did with you is now up on our site:

It is featured on the news home page as well right atop Reverend Run:

And lastly, it is rotating on our home page:

Thank you for doing the interview.


Interview with Propel
By: Caz Bevan

Where are you from?
Berkeley, California by way of Miami, Florida.

What is your story?
After attending music school, being in two big local bands, and having tastes of indie labels coming at us - I eventually took all my learnings and applied them to what is now today known as Propel. I began singing, changed my writing style through discourse and melody. I found a bigger sound with bigger melodies, and thus the origin of Propel was born long ago but not realized to very recently.

Why do you want to record and release your own music?
To express myself for the rest of my life.

Who is your fan/customer?
Those who enjoy songwriters; who speak from the heart in their music. Age range is unlimited ideally, from say 16-40: indie/emo listeners would be quite fond of Propel.

What are your songs about?
Heartbreak, chaos, despair, changing your situation to improve upon the mistakes of the past, reflection, and deep seeded family issues.

Who are your musical influences?
Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bright Eyes, I can make a mess, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith, Sebadoh, Nirvana, Slint, Fugazi and Failure.

How do you describe your music to people?
A cross between Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana - getting into a brawl in an alleyway, yet no winner is found.

What image do you think your music conveys?
Hope and change!

What are your immediate music career goals?
To sign with a recognized bigger indie label with national distribution, and hopefully some tour support.

What are your long-term career goals?
"Never-ending." A Major label down the line when the time is right, honestly the sky is the limit with where Propel can go inevitably.

How would you define the word "success"?
Doing your passion for the rest of your life, and financially being ok with that choice.

What live performance experience have you had?
Well over 100 plus performances to date, throughout my previous bands, and with Propel I have booked a three state tour, and played 15 shows within three months time of beginning Propel.

How do you rate your live performance ability?
Honest and poignant.

How do your parents feel about you being rock stars?
Next question (laughs).

When did you first start playing?
16 years old.

Did you ever think you'd be here today?
Not as a singer songwriter I didn't. As a guitarist, band leader - I did, but I am much happier this way now, and it has become much more of a personal thing now to me, and shaped my songwriting in kind.

What's the best show you've played so far?
On the Interstate 5 Tour, I felt on fire and alive, plus my brick house show in San Francisco in June was amazing also.

Do you have any particular horrific memories from tour?
Yes, running out of gas in Oregon and sleeping in my car at two different rest stops, back to back, cause pay was off at the venue.

What's it like being in a van with others 24/7?
You learn to live with specific behaviors of the others, and you bond, it's amazing and I love it.

Why music?
It's everything to me. It's my soul. It's the reason I awake in the morning. It's in my veins. I would never do anything else with my life period.

Do you consider yourselves original?
Yes, I think there is not one band/songwriter out there today, who sounds anything like Propel does. Not at all.

What's the best aspect of your band?
The range of dynamics and control as musicians we have in changing directions at any moment. Plus feeding off the high and lows of life, through the songwriting is what showcases Propel.

If you were to start your own reality TV show what would you do?
Life on tour, Propel yourself across America!

How hard is it to break through in your local scene?
I am finding it's breaking in for me, no really, it's been pretty simple. I let the music do the talking, and the shows have come in droves. The only thing with the bay area is the lack of pay the clubs are willing to part with. In the beginning before you establish yourselves as a band, as long as you can draw, (which I can) you're fine.

What are the highlights of your career?
Playing at CBGB's in New York in my previous band for labels. Playing the Interstate 5 Tour and being on the road for eight days, across three states, and I booked it on my own. The release of Propel A Year Worth Forgetting in May 5th, 2005: Being offered The Viper Room show in Los Angeles, Blake's in Berkeley, picked for two compilations in four months with Propel, and "Collapse and Fade" will be in - Caz Bevan/Now On Tour.Com

A Year Worth Forgetting
Release: 5/03/2005
Review by:
Caz Bevan

Propel is an indie-acoustic band from San Francisco. By indie-acoustic, I don't mean emo. Although, passionate and emotional, emo is not the word for Propel. It's raw. It's acoustic grunge. It's San Francisco and it's very essence - played through a guitar and sung in unpredictable harmonies that still captivate you with a familiar haunting, a memory, a pain and a hope. This is how I describe Propel. It's not very literal, so let's try some facts.

A Year Worth Forgetting is the first 4 song EP released by Propel. It is self-proclaimed as simply, indie. As their first it is good, but I definitely think Propel can and is doing better.

At first listen, I was confused. It's not typical. It's bent. I had an immediate love-hate for it. As I listen more, I understand. In my opinion, this CD is the type you put in your car stereo and imagine as a soundtrack to your current thoughts and the endless road ahead of you. The songs on this CD could be found in a Wes Anderson film or anything of that quirky, indie, odd-colored nature. Like those movies do, this CD will leave you wondering if it stole your soul or defined it. I encourage you to listen and learn for yourself; listen and feel because that truly, to me, is what it's about. That's exactly what makes you love it or hate it. It's not the sound. It's yourself. Define it yourself and look forward to a full-length album being released early 2006.

- Caz Bevan/NowOnTour.Com

INTERVIEW FOR DELAND, FL. BEACON Times Newspaper April 5, 2007

1. Please tell me a bit about yourself.

Hello, My name is Peter. I was born in Miami, FL, where my kind of music does not exist.
I play guitar, sing, and write songs, its called Propel, and its my passion: In less than 2 years, I get to do my love and my career all in one, everyday, without having to work a day job! I get to focus on Propel, 24/7, or at least as often as I need to.

I am a lucky boy.

2. Do you have a(n) MP3 device?


If so, what are you currently listening to?

Elliot Smith/Desperacidos/Conor Oberst/Jeremy Enigk among other things.

What attracts you to that kind of music?

Depth, as opposed to surface songwriters, like we hear on top 40 today.

3. Tell me the idea behind your name: Propel.

Propel means more than anyone will ever know, and no its not anything closely , related to a water beverage, however I am tasty when drank J
No seriously, I named this, simply Propel, due to one factor.
What I am great at in life.
Turning Negatives, into Positives.
Without telling all of FL my secrets lol, I went through a year plus relationship with a sick sick woman, who is the reason Propel began, it was based on that life that I left behind, to pursue what I am today, it was the only way it could come to fruition. Usually, in life, most of the time, you must go through fire, to find solace.

4. Tell me how you got started, what your first ambitions were that allowed you to become an artist.

Well I started awhile ago, but not as Propel. I was Peter, a Guitarist/Songwriter, electric guitarist I might add, that was in bands, and wrote most of the music, if not all, usually managed the band, and was the vision of the band, until one day, my singer decides
getting laid was more important than rehearsal for a big label showcase in Boston at the time. So I left the band, took off from music for a long while, than came back as a SOLO one man operation, so now I don't have to rely on others, to get the job done, I do it all on my own, and know that it will be done, as I don't half ass anything with my career.

5. Was it easy to get signed?

NO, lol. IT SUCKED actually!

Would you explain the process you had to go through?

You see, these days, its not about just going and touring, or writing amazing music, or songs that are far better than most, or even more original than most. You have to deal with the time lines, and that others don't do it as fast. I am in my 22nd month as Propel, less than 2 years from beginnings. I got signed to Muted Records on October 31st, yes Halloween. So its been a few months.
However I was signed to 3 labels in my first year of being PROPEL, however no contracts were ever signed, and the labels, are all fraudulent and probably at this point, don't even exist anymore.

You have to deal with, the realities, of lesser songwriters, in talent, coming through, and taking a great deal, with a big label, all because they have been around longer. Among other more daunting and upsetting things, as most bigger indie's and majors, think less than 2 years, is still a baby in the industry, and therefore wont touch me yet. Also, I have to handle doing a lot of things on my own, that others don't understand.

For instance, 90% of all indie labels, DO NOT HAVE TOUR SUPPORT!
They don't pay it.
THEY ALSO DON'T HAVE PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION, for some even 10 years after beginning.
So there are people, yes, fans of mine, that think I should have CD's in stores, and I should be able to come to there cities every week, lol. On top of the fact that, I should have a 10 page insert, with colorful cds and great flash banners, websites, you name it, I could go on and on and on. The realities of being on a Indie Label in 2007, are not even close to that.

Your lucky if you get a van, and some ramen noodles, and merch to go out on the road with, now that's the reality!

We live on our album sales, we live on tours, and merch sales!
This is how we eat, and how we develop, and hopefully one day if we choose to, break out into the mainstream and or Major Label World, of Big Tour Busses, and Advances, and well living differently will say than I do on Muted Records.

6. When you were a small kid, did you ever imagine yourself being an artist?

YES, despite my families wishes.

If so, would you mind explaining a memory you have?

Seeing Fugazi, and Bad Brains, years ago, as a kid, for $5, thanks to Dischord Records of D.C., and being blown away by the way they moved a crowd, and thinking I will do that same thing one day, and I will hit them just as hard with DEPTH SONGWRITING as I call it, not surface crap, thank god for bands like Fugazi, Minor Threat, and Bad Brains, Slint, ETC, without them, none of this would be possible for indie artists today!

7. Do you enjoy being a(n) signed artist?


Tell me some pros and cons of you - Deland Beacon Times Newspaper


This is an EP released in Dec 2006 by singer-songwriter Peter Kasen under the name Propel. While this disc is only demo length at 3 songs, it does give a window into the potential of this musician, currently based out of Venice, Ca and about to embark on his first European tour.

Track three "Collapse and Fade" is the highlight of the disc and seems particularly suited to appeal to fans of The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie. Overall, this short disc is intriguing enough to make you wonder what Kasen could do given the opportunity and backing to record a full length disc. Definitely worth picking up.

I wanted to thank Deena, of Rock Star Gallery, and Preston, for Reviewing Propel's "Antique Scars", this review is also posted at: - Deena of Rock Star Gallery

Antique Scars
Muted Records/MTOR Records 2007

Seattle Washington’s Peter Kasen (A.K.A. Propel) writes acoustic songs that seep into your head. On first listen of his song “Collapse & Fade,” I was reminded of Pablo Honey-era Radiohead recordings, like “Been Thinking About You,” or “Blow Out”. Kasen clearly has the confidence of a musician who has been in this business for years. With similarly self-reflective lyrics to that of early Leonard Cohen, “I’m letting go. I’m shedding skin,” mixed with the backdrop of his acoustic guitar work, Kasen proves to us he is not afraid to bare his soul for all to embrace.

Look for Propel’s 10 song LP later this summer. In the meantime, you can soon purchase his E.P. Antique Scars from Made To Order Records

-Mark Dougherty
- Reactor Media

Propel Reviewed on

Propel is Peter, a musician of the coast of California that elaborates a dense and intimist rock in the line of authors of reputation like Nick Drake. Their songs distill a melancholic rock that slides among the cords of his always faithful acoustic guitar, that accompanies to him throughout its concerts, as well as in the cover of their disc. Their songs in addition contain as suggestive titles as "Exhale", "Every Wrong Turn" or "Neverending", in which it narrates human histories of love and relations to us like a trobador of the time. Their subjects distill certain dose of sadness and melancholy that it also shapes in his direct ones and which it comes off the interior of his soul, that at some moments subtly seems hurt by very deep feelings. Still without record seal that guarantees it, but with its own production that dates from the last year, Propel gives the songs of his e.p of presentation that contains four pieces, songs that in addition have inspired to a pair of directors that have incluído them in their films, is not to be strange considering that his melodías tele-transport to us imaginary to sequences of some road-movies, where the hero-loser is the protagonist. With these tricks by flag, Propel initiates a race in which still it has a long way that to cross, but on that it is above in firm land. We will be pending of its movements.
- Popchild Records/Magazine (Barcelona, Spain)

Interview with Peter Kasen of Propel

by madeliaette, Aug 26, 2007

Propel means turning a Negative into a Positive.
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Q: Your name says it all - PROPEL. In under two years you have managed to turn an idea into rapid fulfillment. Tell me about those early days, when the dreams began…

A: Propel means turning a Negative into a Positive. This is why I named it Propel. The early days were hard, I won't lie, yet they're still hard, without major funding this is as big as I make it, and that's where the hard work, and fighting begins, and never ends.

I remember always wanting to be signed, now I am, and well that's not good enough, now I want National In Store Distribution, when I get that, I will want a Video, when I get that, I will want world distribution, and huge merch, to say it best, I am never satisfied, and that's also why Propel, moves on, and grows, stagnation is not a friend of mine.

Q: When did you first feel an inclination towards a musical future?

A: When I was 15 I remember, buying a Guitar Magazine, with Kurt on it, Mr. Cobain, said it all, it just takes the power of a song, and will, and most of all Passion, to get the expression across, from that point on I knew what I wanted to do, and that I would never stop until I reached my goal, of being a household name, as a Songwriter in this world.

Q: You seem to have pushed on through the tough times and hurdled some major obstacles. What do you consider to be your hardest battle so far?

A: Being experienced as a full throttle writer, while most today, look for Fad Bands, and sounds, that sell well, Propel is a bit ahead of its time I feel in scope, and sound, and thus intellectually, it's not quite the proper time for it to launch, however the ones who usually are a bit ahead of their time, end of lasting much longer than that of the fad acts we hear today on modern rock radio. That and getting paid correctly for Showcases, as most don't realize I pay for touring all on my own.

Q: I have noticed that you work with and for your fans. How important is this interaction to you?

A: Its beyond important, I feel without any interaction, with your fans, you therefore have no fans. Fan and Band are ONE, and in that concept, I wanted to touch the ones I grew up enjoying, yet, never could. I allow my fans to get a piece of Peter behind Propel, and in that piece, they get to know a much bigger sense of the music, and the one writing the music on a much more personal gratifying level to them as fans of my music.

Q: You seem to handle both the musical creativity and the fan interaction capably. Do you have any time over to live life? How do you handle the stress of fitting so much in?

A: LOL, Propel is my life currently, and that is why I have gotten so much done so fast, but in turn, made some enemies, as I don't stop, and a lot of people are weary of me, due to my ambition, yet I will make it happen, regardless of the jealous, naysayers, I am Propel for that reasoning.

Q: You appear to be your happiest when things are on the go and you are busy with your music career. What other things make you happy?

A: Romance, Woman who have a brain, Intellect, Reading, The Beach, Any Artistic Endeavors, Speaking my mind, and Traveling, I am a true Gemini, and Restless Soul at heart.

Q: Which musical artists do you admire and listen to? Do you have a favorite band or CD?

A: Sunny Day Real Estate, was my all time favorite band, next would be Kurt Cobain, but more solo than with Nirvana. Recently, I Love "Rocky Voltalato", "Ace Enders", "Bright Eyes", "Rosie Thomas", a lot of the new wave of Singer Songwriters.

Q: What recorded music is currently available for your fans online and at concerts?

A: 2 EP's, and a whole slew of iTunes Downloads, about 8 Total Recorded Propel Songs, within 17 months, and 2 of those are on Compilations, and or Movies also.

Q: I have noticed that many of your lyrics were written during Amtrak trips. What other situations and places allow the words to flow for you?

A: Always Traveling, and or on Tours, once I hit the open roads, and leave the big trappings of a city, my words soar, and most songs are written under stress, during such road trips, and its when I clear out my head, and write my best work. Plus which I plan to do in the UK, some beach time away from the world, but not traveling, just stationary on the beach, with nothing to do but write, and think.

- Madeliatte - Aug 26th, 2007.


"A Year Worth Forgetting" E.P. Release Date:
May 15th, 2005

"Antique Scars" E.P. - Release Date:
Dec 26 th, 2006:
Released on Muted Records


Feeling a bit camera shy




More Information on peter can be found at the Following Websites:

A wave of sound and melody, Peter is the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist of Propel. The EP, "A Year Worth Forgetting", was self-produced and released in May 2005, When Propel officially hatched from the bay area, of California.

With over 160 shows under its belt in just 17 Months from Origin, Propel has also been featured on 3 Compilations, in 3 different markets of the US, all released as of 2006. Two Movies two date, have used or acquired Propel's Songs, not to mention over 30 Radio Stations, both FM, and Online have added Propel to there Play Lists for Regular Rotation Nationally.

Toured from Seattle to Los Angeles, Three Times, in the Summer of 2005, and Completed a Full West Coast Tour without Label Support, in June/July of 2006. Propel landed National Digital Distribution in Sep. of 2005.

Propel officially Signed to Muted Records on October 30th, 2006:

Propel's DEBUT as a Signed Artist, will be, "Antique Scars" which was Released on Dec 26th, 2006:

A new ep, as well as Tour through the Bay Area of CA into AZ is being booked currently, and Peter will go into the studio before the year's end for recording.