Peter mcwhirter

Peter mcwhirter

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My music is a mix of contemporary rock, rock, country, blues, pop and indie..


Peter Mcwhirter ¨C Biography
Talent Development Project Graduate 2007
DOB: 16/10/1989
Style: Contemporary/Rock/Indie
Contact: 0409 034 236

Peter McWhirter was one of 9 graduates selected in NSW schools for the Department of
Education's ¡°Talent Development Project¡± in 2007. Peter was also a featured artist in the 2006
Schools Spectacular (Shine) at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Performing his original
composition, Merry Christmas Beetle.
Peter performs a wide range of songs, both originals and covers. Bands that have influenced him
include; Matchbox 20, The Eagles, Crowded House, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls & Cold Chisel.

¡ñ NSW Talent Development Project program, 2006/2007
¡ñ Leah Casser Voice productions. (7 Years)
¡ñ Tony Martin Guitar tutor. (7 Years)

Performing Experience:
¡ñ Schools Spectacular 2006
¡ñ Xmas Party¡¯s for 2UE, the Auburn Mayor, and Mr. Pat Farmer 2006.
¡ñ Sydney Kings Game Sydney Entertainment Centre 2006,
¡ñ Australia Day at Sydney Olympic Park 2006,
¡ñ Sophie Delizio Day of Difference Foundation, Parramatta 2006.
¡ñ Relay for life at Bankstown Velodrome 2006.
¡ñ Sir Roden Cutler Medal Dinner at Westin Hotel Sydney 2007.
¡ñ Opening ceremony of the Wheelchair Olympics at Narabeen Sports & Recreation
Centre 2007.
¡ñ The Pork Foundation at the Americas Club in Sydney, 2007
¡ñ Guest artist on the children¡¯s show rollercoaster. 2007
¡ñ Performed live on the Kerri Anne Kennerly show on channel 9
¡ñT.D.P graduation in the Sydney entertainment centre 2007

¡ñ 3rd Place and Merit Award Australian Children¡¯s Music Foundation National Song
writing Competition 2006 (Free To Be Me & Back Again)
¡ñ 2nd Place McDonalds Performing Arts Challenge 2006 Open Song writing
(Free To Be Me)
¡ñ2nd Place ¡° ¡° ¡° ¡° 2007 Open Song writing (Humm)
¡ñ 3rd Place Mats/Apra Original Song writing Competition 2006
(Merry Christmas Beetle)
¡ñ Overall Junior Winner Macarthur Country Music Awards 2006
¡ñ Overall Senior Winner Mittagong Muster Music Awards 2007
¡ñ Finalist in the C 91.3 Battle of the Bands as a solo artist
(had to withdraw final due to school spectacular)
¡ñ Top 10 in charts on Triple J Unearthed
¡ñ Top 13 in the Glen Shorrock National Scholarship Awards
¡ñ Placed in many club talent and shopping centre talent quests throughout his career
¡ñ Rotary Youth Exellence Award in Performing Arts, 2007.
¡ñ 3rd in the open vocal C.C.M.A competition in Tamworth 2008



Written By: peter mcwhirter

Sitting on the yellow sand
Watching the ocean swallow up the sun
The cool wind blows through my guitar
And the strings start to humm

Not to long or far away
There’s an old man sitting in his rocking chair
His youth is gone and his spirit hazed
But he starts to humm

I grab my keys and my guitar
And think about writing a new tune
The sun goes down the street lights are up
And I can hear them humm
I can hear them humm
I can hear them humm

Nobody is gonna break my pride
I said nobody yeah is gonna break my pride
Well u’ll pull through in your sweet time
Find the ladder your yet to climb
In the end
All you gotta do is humm

Well grab your ticket and wait your turn
See what good days life has in mind
I know your waiting patiently
With a humm
Your numbers called today’s your day
A chance to rise above everyone behind you
Your up so high you can touch the clouds
But can you hear them humm
Can you hear them humm
A heavenly humm

Sitting on the yellow sand watching
The ocean swallow up the sun

Move on

Written By: peter mcwhirter

Well it started out like just another day
Picking all my clothes up off the floor
Until something went wrong
Something just went so so wrong to say
I’ve been swept away

From many sleepless nights
To many happy days
Watching as my image starts to burn
So what if im wrong
So what if it’s been so so long
To say
I’ve been swept away

Its time to move on
To a better place for a better state of mind
Its time to move on
And the next time around
It will be different from before

There comes a time
Where things must change
And you know it’s gonna be hard work
To admit that you’re wrong
To admit that it’s been so so long
To save
It all for another day

So you linger on
But nothing comes your way
Cause u haven’t got the heart to chase your dreams
And who cares if you’re wrong
Who cares if it’s been so so long to say
You’ve been swept away


So what so what
if I shake my head when you tell me things
I don’t listen to you
And I know I know when you try to explain
About these things its your point of view
Your point of view
So what so what
if I shake my head when you tell me things
I don’t listen to you
And I know I know when you try to explain
About these things its your point of view

repeat last line 3x

chasing girls

Written By: peter mcwhirter

Chasing Girls

Written by: Peter Mcwhirter

Friday night and im stuck at home
Its 8 o'clock and time to party on
I call a friend to see what's going down
He said "man there's too much fun to be had
In this town

Its ladies night and were making tracks
And every ones gonna be there
Let's go chase some

Were gonna chase some
And its gonna be fun, fun, fun, fun
We'll have some shots of whiskey and dance the night away
Were gonna chase em

We find a bar that's open all night
That's got cheap drinks
And live music
Till the morning light
We scout the place for some possible potential
But all we found was a sweet little instrumental

Its ladies night and were making tracks
And every ones gonna be there
Let's go chase some


Sun comes up and my head is a mess
Don't remember how I got home
Or how I got undressed
Look in the mirror at the hand print on my face
The simple indication of a romance gone to waste

Filled with regret I crawl back into bed
But I'll do it all again next weekend
Im gonna chase some



I have had a few songs played on Australian radio,
but have not yet released any.

Set List

anything from matchbox 20 to cold chissel, led zeplin, paul kelly, the eagles, foo fighters, keith urban, I play guitar and sing over 200 covers.