Peter Michael Richardson

Peter Michael Richardson


Original songs that can lift your Spirit, and Satisfy your Soulful R&B, Pop, Country & Gospel tastes! A Powerful & Energetic Performance Singer/Songwriters and great musicians lifting up Jesus Christ. You can tell it's Peter Michael from the very first note!


Peter Michael Richardson, as an early recording artist, made his living in the Recording studios of Memphis and Nashville. One day at age 17, he walked into a Recording studio in Memphis, and said , "I'm A Singer", and Dee Barden said, "Well, let's try you out!" Peter won awards such as a 'Cleo' for singing the first 'Sears Steelbelted Tire Commercial', and 'ABC Network Spots' with Wm. B. Tanner Company under the direction of Mr. Pete Pederson who wrote, 'Peg Of My Heart' while touring with the 'HarmonaCats'. After moving to Memphis, Peter and his band 'E. Bartlett' signed a Recording Contract with STAX RECORDS. While the group was recording their album titled 'DUSTY ROAD', the STAX company went out of business, suddenly, a short time after ISAAC HAYES released, 'SHAFT'. After that happened, Peter stayed in Memphis singing for Tanner Company.
In 1974, he joined some local musician friends in Memphis and formed the RockGroup 'Leviathan'. They signed a Recording Contract with London Records and started touring the United States as a front act for 'Electric Light Orchestra', 'Manfred Mann's Earth Band', 'Greg Allman', 'Ashford and Simpson', the late 'Muddy Waters' and many other artists.
In the late 70's, Peter played keyboards and sang background vocals for 'Yancey'. Performing all the orchestration written by Carl Marsh with the regional hit song, 'Honey Bee' and 'Fallen Angel'. After a few years of playing locally, Peter moved to Dallas to sing jingles for T.M. , Jam Productions, Steven Arnold and other producers. Playing the piano on weekends at the 'Bell Star Dance Hall'. Peter played piano with 'ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL', and the 'SIDE OF THE ROAD GANG'. Later, he joined the 'Road Gang' with their album debut on Capital Records w/ a National DR. PEPPER Comercial on T.V.
They periodically toured Texas kicker bars like 'Billy Bob's Texas' with Country Greats like 'MERL HAGGARD'. The Road Gang toured the U.S. and ended their tour in NEW YORK CITY at a kicker bar named 'CITY LIMITS'. While in New York, Peter hooked up with lifelong friend Super Model, 'ROSIE VELA'/A & M RECORDING STAR and the 'Gang' recorded some sound tracks for ROSIE's Original Songs in a 24 Track Studio in downtown Manhatten.
After leaving the 'Road Gang', Peter sang jingles in the studios in Dallas and played at night with 'Rick Mensik & the All Stars', a local showband who played the CASINO'S in VEGAS. After moving to Houston, and living there for four years, Peter owned his own Jingle Company and Recording Studio. He & Rick moved to Fairbanks, Alaska for a house gig in 1986' after the economic crunch.
Peter started recording at his home 24 track studio. Breaking away from the bar scene in 1987, he started working in the construction industry through Local 302 Union and developed his New Direction. Producing, writing & recording christian music, he started ministering in music at the his local church, and several other venues in Alaska.
Peter performs his original music frequently throughout Alaska and the lower 48. He wants to branch out into Europe, and then the rest of the world where his music has been heard. "I'll most likely play music and sing until I'm a hundred and three. God has given me a second chance and this time, I want to go wherever He sends me to share the Love that delivered me from Alcohol and Drugs to Freedom and a Healthy Full Life!"
He sings from his heart with every song and writes about everyday life experiences with many stylistic influences. Great Voice and a Great Talent of our time.


Talk About Jesus - Gospel

Written By: Peter Michael Richardson / BMI

Look out your window, into the street
So many sad faces, for this grief there is no need
We've got the answer, living inside you and me
If we don't start the witness there will be no time left for us to preach
Talk About Jesus__let's lead the way_ back_ home, tell them of His Love_, that comes from above_, unending and forevermore
Talk About Jesus__help them make a choice for a better way, because time is winding down, and we've got to make a witness today__!
Look into their eyes, tell me what do you see,
This world is dying_, for this death there really is no need
We've got the answer_ living inside you and me,
If we don't show them Jesus there will be nothing left for them to see_
Time is winding down__,
Time is winding down__,
Time is winding down, and we've got to make that witness today___
Talk About Jesus_______

Blind, But Now I See - PopRock Christian

Written By: Peter Michael Richardson / BMI

There was a certain man who was blinded from his birth, through all of his life he'd beg for his wage
But, one day Jesus spat upon the ground and rugged the clay of it into his eyes, then told him to wash in the pole of shiloem and that man could see that day

Now this certain man was blind from birth from no sin of his own, but that the hand og God would be put on display
And when the spiritual leaders of the day saw it, they could not believe it
Spiritual blindness had proved their lack in faith, the Pharesee said, "How can a sinner heal a sinner? Nobody's opened the eyes of the blind before," but the man said, "wheither or not Jesus Christ is a sinner man, I don't know! But one thing I do know is, I was blind but now I see!" "I was blind, but now I see!"

choral ending:
If that man was not of God, He could do nothing, I was blind, but now I see...
Jesus healed me, haleluyah, the scales fell away, I was blind, but now I see (repeat)

He's Coming Again

Written By: Words by Bill Foss/music by Peter Michael

I looked into the heavens as far as I could see, I sware I couldn't help it as I fell upon my knees, for what was coming on the morrow my spirit was in awe, i looked into the heavens and this is what I saw__

He was riding on the clouds with Fire in His Eyes, and the Trumpets were all sounding as Angels filled the skies, I heard the Shpeherd calling, calling out His sheep, and Glory filled the heavens and fell beneath His Feet

His hair was white as snow and His robe was whiter still and the mountains fell before Him and crumbled neath His will, yeah the rivers stopped their flowing and begain to run uphill, there's never been a day like this when Glory gets It's fill


As sure as there's tomarrow like the rising of the sun, Assure as there's a heaven He is the risen One, my Lord is coming on the marrow just like the turning of the tides, Each time the sun goes down He gets closer to His Bride


ending: Coming Again__He's
Coming Again____


Classical Rock Music

First Recordings: E. Bartlett Band, Little Rock, Arkansas - cover music.

Hit song 'ANGELA', 'ALWAYS NEED YOU' & 'SEAGULL' for more information!

'SHIP OF LOVE' released on LONDON RECORDS 1975
Produced by Kenny Smith for MACH RECORDS

'SKY-TIME SPREE' on RUBY RECORDS. A single released Nationally in the Winter Ski Season /1985 Produced by Vince Kickerillo, Houston, Texas

Contemporary Christian Music
'YOU'RE THE ONE' ALBUM/CD released in 1989 on SONGBIRD RECORDS/BMI Produced by Grady Ellis Trimble of TRIMBLE PRODUCTIONS, Little Rock, AR.
Pick songs: 'Talk About Jesus', 'Send Me', 'Blind, But Now I See', 'You're The One' & 'Forever Friend'.

Pick Songs: 'Coming Again', 'Love Never Seeks It's Own' , 'This Gospel', 'Never Let Me Go', 'Keep Your Eyes To The Skies', 'I Will Wait' and 'I Will Serve You Lord'.

Set List

Contemporary Christian:

Blind, But Now I See
Send me
Keepin' My Mind on Jesus
Spinning In My Soul
One More Miracle
Talk About Jesus
Coming Again
Everything I Need Is In You
Never Let me Go
Love Never Seeks It's own
Standing In His Hands
Lord I'm Yours
Rise Above
You're The One
Forever Friend
I Love You Holy Spirit

country gospel:

I'm Looking Forward
Rolling Down
Just Like a Father
I AM Is Still Here
Walking Into Gloryland
Lord I'm Yours
Talk About Jesus
Faith Pleases Him
Forever Friend
You Can't Out Give The Lord

Christian Cover songs:

Shout To The Lord
He Is Here
She Knew Everything About me
If Your Not A Missionary Then Your A Missionfield
Thank You For Giving To The Lord
I Pleadge Allegiance To The Lamb
I Can Only Imagine
It Is You
Healing Rain
You Raise Me Up
Fields Of Grace
Revive Us Lord
Jesus Take The Wheel
Butterfly Kisses
Word Of God Speak
Grace Like Rain

many more...