Peter Mio

Peter Mio

 Massapequa, New York, USA

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Peter Mio, Singer / Musician / Composer born in Brooklyn, N.Y. who sings with a unique style.
I sing in four languages including French, Italian and Spanish.
Currently I perform in New York City and the surrounding area.
Performed since childhood and has been a solo act since 1990.
I cover Elvis to Edith Piaf and everything in between.
Sing four languages including French, Spanish and Italian.
Play keys from waltzes, meringue's, cha cha's, rumba's,
many, many dynamite 50's & 60's tunes.
From Saloon Songs to Salsa's.
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Latest Release "Send In The Clowns" December 2010
My Way-
Send In The Clowns-
My World/Fall In Love Medley-
Sylvia's Mother-

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Depending on venue.
Please call for details.
(646) 500-0406