Peter Oyloe

Peter Oyloe


Peter Oyloe is a singer/songwriter whose music and voice have a poetic quality that draws the artist and his audience together in a profoundly introspective experience. "...future folk legend." Editor


Peter Oyloe's music, is precisely crafted and fueled by a captivating and rare talent. By his own words, Oyloe is "an old soul, raised on homegrown goats milk and thoughtful solitude, whose love of love and people is constant and strong."

Perhaps it's the well-tended, organic Iowa roots that have enabled Oyloe's talents to far exceed most of his contemporaries. For an industry that has been heavily polluted with the mass marketed-whir of overproduced pop singers or the homogeneous drone of the Indie scene (the title of which loses meaning daily as its forefront members become increasingly featured on MTV and mainstream radio), Oyloe's arrival in the music world is a long awaited breath of fresh air.

Oyloe grew up listening to his father's record albums and came to love such music as The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Cat Stevens and Michael Martin Murphy's "Geronimo's Cadillac". Buying his first guitar for ten dollars, he was compelled to start playing and writing immediately and begin his search for the perfect melody, one he has yet to satisfy.

Through his music, Oyloe plays tribute to those he admires while managing to keep the sound his own and something hand-tailored for the modern day. His lyrics are clearly-focused, revealing simple truths grounded in the enigma of fierce emotional intimacy: lost loves, personal challenges, misunderstanding, lies and unrealized dreams.

Oyloe's vocal talents fall easily into the ranks of legends such as Jeff Buckley and James Taylor, saturating every song with lush melodies, sometimes soaring and crooning and sometimes delicate and understated. His vocal ranges alone traverse a broad spectrum of emotion, at times dark and contemplative, reflecting the stark honesty and ardor Oyloe brings to his music, and other times driven by an upward grace and sweeping romanticism.

What makes Peter's music even more remarkable is that it is entirely self-produced and comes with the support of several local area musicians.

Peter is a multifaceted performer and spends an equal amount of time as an actor, having won many accolades whilst taking on some of the most challenging roles in the drama.

“You have a marvelous voice; I am going to remember you.”

This was Tony award-winning songwriter Craig Carnelia's reaction to seeing Peter Oyloe in the title role of the new musical Julian Po. It is, in fact, the reaction of most people when they see Oyloe perform. He has affected audiences around the world with an intensity not often exhibited in young performers. His live performances truly do give new insight into this man and many have commented on how the live versions of his songs erupt from his mouth in ways not always seen at first when listening to his recordings.

Peter grew up amongst the greens and the blues of the Northeast Iowan landscape. It is an experience he cites often in his musings on life and certainly within the context of his original compositions which often evoke the natural world in some way. “There is something magic in the land there, you just have to get down and look inside to see what it's made of. My father showed me once how the light is different in Northeast Iowa. Now having been around the world i know just what he means...” Says Oyloe of his time growing up.

His travels have indeed sent him around the world. For a one time Iowa farm boy he most certainly gets around, having visited no less than 15 countries and counting. “I love to see the world!” When asked, on his journeys, where he is from he often says simply, “I fancy myself a citizen of the world. When I travel I would rather be identified by my character than by societal labels, most of which contain some preconceived notion or implied judgment. If I can make those labels just melt away and exist in the moment as my true self I find that the level of interaction is much more honest. My relationships with people are the cornerstone of my life and I think I find when you give people permission to be their true selves as opposed to what they might think you want them to be you open yourself to a world of wonder. I have had some pretty amazing interactions in my time. I really value sharing.”

It is from this place of honesty and self awareness that Oyloe creates his vision of the characters he plays. He takes bold risks which often leave his audiences profoundly affected. Peter Oyloe is not your run of the mill performer.

For his hard work as troubled teen Alan Strang in the soul-stirring drama, Equus, Oyloe earned the prestigious Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor, the Chicago theatre equivalent of the Tony Award. He followed that role with a run as Harry Houdini in the vivacious Joseph Jefferson Award-winning musical, Ragtime, going straight from there into the tragic lead role in the musical, Phantom. He had the honor of performing the role for Phantom composer Maury Yeston, who reciprocated the honor graciously by saying, of Oyloe, “He is g


I Am

Written By: Peter Oyloe

Come to life, sweet monument of time and catch the children there
breaking on the waves.
I am, closing wounds. I am holding hands. I am losing sight. I am.
Close your eyes. The world is calling you. So much yearning, driving
against the tide...
I am, all alone. I am burning inside. I am washing out the past. I am
quietly turning...

It's poetry, a wonderfully written tragedy. How could you say no?
And when its written down in your own hand, does it make so... true?

I want to grow with you. I want to see you change. As scared as I am of
that. Oh I am so calm with you.
I am, lying down. I am, waiting in the dark. I am turning on myself. I
am, the torn.


Does it make it so...Does it make it so?

Remember the light on the Tuesdays past,
When the clock tower was only vision and you were, you were the
Remember the first touch, the stillness in clean air, the boldness, the
boldness of a kiss,
The cost that’s only fair?
I have little else for you, stories on the road, and mornings and late
nights. I have little else for you.

Its true. Its my love. You know, its my love. Its all I’ve got to give
away. (repeat)

They Follow Sails

Written By: Peter Oyloe

They Follow Sails
words and music by Peter Oyloe

VERSE: The echo in the hallway, the person in the doorway, the light upon the floor.

It gives away the secret, its adding to the tension, nobody is at home.

But then they follow, they follow you around. You have lost this night, you shall stay frightened.

CHORUS: And oh they call your name. To them you have never spoken. You know they are

there, your heart it has been broken. Its slow, their lowing, and FAITHFULLY, QUIETLY,


VERSE: And as the pencil dances, fifteen thousand words of make believe, you can’t discern

your life from this. You try to fill your mind with sleeping but all around are the sights and sounds

of the falling of the stars to earth...

CHORUS: And oh they call your name. To them you have never spoken. You know they are

there, your heart it has been broken. Its slow, their lowing, and FAITHFULLY, QUIETLY,


BRIDGE: You fake your death, you hope that it all goes away... And as you hold your breath,

with your heart strings they begin to play... (ASCENDING GUITAR)

CHORUS: And oh they call your name. To them you have never spoken. You know they are

there, your heart it has been broken. Its slow, their lowing, and FAITHFULLY, QUIETLY,



The Snow is Quiet

Written By: Peter Oyloe

Snow is Quiet
words and music by Peter Oyloe

VERSE: It is loud though the snow is soft and quiet. As it settles I am cold and sorry I

left the bed we were lying in.

I am around and under. You are over and below. And together we are dancing shadows in

love with the sound of silently moving.

CHORUS: No one can stop you. Nothing can stop you. No one will stop you now. x2

VERSE: Do you think that tomorrow, the fears you have known will have passed? And

the dreams that come shaking you, will leave you broken here like glass.

And it will seem that in a while all you have thought about. It will all become broken free

from all of life’s mystery.

CHORUS: No one can stop you. Nothing can stop you. No one will stop you now. x2

BRIDGE: So it goes and so it ends, the world at your feet. And as it seems to fade away,

oh the world lets you down. Won’t you come and tear down this wall. Won’t you come

and tear down this wall.

CHORUS: No one can stop you. Nothing can stop you. No one will stop you now. x2

HALF VERSE: It is loud, though the snow is soft and quiet...


Currently Recording New Album
-In Love With a Nun Soundtrack
-Unreleased album- Untitled
-Words & Music- Somedays the Sun Records
-KUNI Radio airplay for many of the tracks on the CD on Bob Dorr's weekly program.
-Golden Radio airplay in Belgium for several tracks from the album WORDS & MUSIC.
-Several tracks from WORDS & MUSIC receive airplay on various other internet radio programs.

Set List

I usually do sets ranging from 1-3 hours. 50+ original songs that are always developing. I choose my set lists depending on venue. I prefer intimate settings where there is much interaction with the audience as the songs do require an active ear and an open heart. However, I have played many bars and large theatres as well and I have many uptempo FOLK/ROCK songs that play well in such venues.