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"Stepping up"


Staines was a town best known for being close to Heathrow Airport. With the emergence of Ali G, followed by Hard Fi, Staines has now grown in stature. There is a fresh new talent now rising from the town in the form of a gifted singer songwriter named Peter Paul Parker.

A rock musician who grew up listening to everything from the Beatles to Black Sabbath, who has played with Thin Lizzy as well as various other rock bands and artists, Peter Paul Parker has now turned his hand to singer songwriting, culminating in his first solo album called ‘Stepping Up’.

The music is acoustic based with a rock influence stemming from Peter’s background in that genre. This musical hybrid also has a pop, folk and retro feel which results in a surprisingly cohesive and individual sound, as ‘Stepping Up’ proves with every track

Peter Paul Parker’s first solo Album, ‘Stepping Up’ will be released independently. For more information go to or to
- Press release

"Mary Lennons review of Stepping up"

Peter Paul Parker.

His name makes him sound like an innocent character from a nursery rhyme, but there is nothing child-like about this Surrey singer songwriter. Parker’s life has been saved by dedicated to music, and he strikes me as the sort of person who would have an endless amount of tales to tell from the rock’n’roll road, especially after touring with the original members of Thin Lizzy. Despite this, his debut solo album does not provoke images of unruly hair, and jeans that are tighter than the perms of the over-excited girls in the crowd. ‘Stepping Up’, is a much more relaxed affair, in which stories are weaved with emotionally relatable tales of love and comfort.
Parker’s sound is acoustic led, and his soft strumming has a rootsy feel with clear influences from folk and electric rock. On first listen, the way his music jangles and bounces is massively reminiscent of the softer side to Brit Pop indie music, namely The La’s. This is also helped by his often Beatles-esque harmonies that are placed over striking and delicate electric guitar licks (especially on ‘In My Hands’). A couple of songs to pay some well deserved attention to include ‘She Finds A Way’. This song begins with a simple chord structure and progresses with a bare drum beat, and a scattering of tambourine. Lyrically, it deals with a grown man embracing his emotional attachment to a woman who makes life’s tribulations easier to deal with and digest. A simple idea, but it is written, sung and played beautifully. ‘She Finds A Way’ has the unpretentious and incomplex sound of a hymn, and in it, Peter’s voice is tender, and has a tinge of humility and honesty.
Every song on ‘Stepping Up’ has the same uncomplicated quality that would clearly appeal to listeners with an ear for a well constructed song. Parker seems to have an unspoilt talent for songwriting. This is clear also on ‘Harder’. The song breaks down towards the end, and is stripped back to a raw and basic rendition of the unmistakable chorus line, which seems made for the end of a gig, by which point, the crowd have been successfully won around (or possibly intoxicated enough) to a sing along. This song is clearly one that needs to be heard live.
In terms of the crowd you can expect to find singing along at one of Peter’s gigs, I imagine that his music is the kind that would attract a varied audience, but namely those with a nostalgic view of music, and a desire for a time when songwriting was not based on phases or gimicks. Parker has an honest passion for playing, and I can see that the songs from ‘Stepping Up’ are genuine expressions of his own life, and songs that he sincerely cares about and is proud of. Peter’s career in music has been long and varied. ‘Stepping Up’ is the sound of a man who has found the time to dedicate time and energy into reflecting upon his own worth as a musician, by creating an album that is as personal and it is universally relatable.

Marie Lennon
- Various

"Radio Indy album review"

"Stepping Up" by Peter Paul Parker is an alternative rock album with acoustic roots. Peter has a sound all his own and his lyrics speak of life and "Turning the Page." There is a great deal of passion in the performances on the CD, with driving verses and powerful, well harmonized choruses. The musicianship is superior and is certainly what you would expect from an industry professional. The production quality is very good and the arrangements stay true to the sound while having a pop sensibility. Highlights include " I Believe," which features meaningful lyrics and a fluid, rocking chorus. "Sad But True" features a beautiful melody and memorable chorus. "Things Ain't So Bad" has a banging beat and nice poppy accents. If you enjoy adult pop/rock with meaningful lyrics, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
- Radio Indy



For Kingston resident Peter Paul Parker, music really has been a family affair. Growing up with music obsessed brothers, he admits that his earliest memories are of a playful variety. Parker (pictured) says "I remember as a very young boy rocking out to glam with polystyrene guitaras and wigs which was a lot of fun. then my elder brother, Terry, was lighting manager on the Rolling Stones first european tour and I vividly remember watching him messing around with a control desk thinking how great that would be." But for the aspiring singer/songwriter it was a gental nudge from a friend that pushed him on the path to fame. He explains "I started playing with my brothers guitars and then one day I picked up the bass guitar and my friend said I should concentrate on that" honing his skills quickly Peter's prowess earned him session slots with the likes of Thin Lizzy and Suggs. But despite his success the Kingston artist admits he was itching to go it alone. Parker adds "I really enjoyed playing with those bands but then a few years ago i decided rather than just playing other peoples songs, I fancied a crack at my own. I took singing lessons and although it has been very stressful, it has been very much worthwhile." having nurtured a growing reputation on the local scene and My Space, he is preparing to release his debut album, Stepping Up, and he remains humble about his sound and ambitions. he reveals "I sing songs from personal experience I describe it as very easy to listen to, laid back stuff. Its not something to listen to to get fired up - its not Guns n Roses." Peter Paul Parker, Ram Jam Club Tuesday April 15th, 7.30pm. Article written by Simon Fitzjohn.

- Kingston Guardian

"CD Review Peter Paul Parker Stepping up"

Peter Paul Parker has crafted a collection of sonically beautiful songs on his debut CD, Stepping Up. This is a mellow rock album with solid melodies, beautiful harmonies and memorable hooks. Peter Paul Parker includes the Beatles, the Who and the Kinks among his primary influences, but I was most reminded of the great Alan Parsons listening to this album. Peter Paul Parker has the same sort of understated delivery and sense of sound.

This is a true solo project, with Mr. Parker writing and producing all songs, performing all instrumental work and providing all vocals. The result is an uplifting and unique recording that captures an optimistic and hopeful spirit. Songs like In My Hands, Sad But True and Landslide scope out the sonic landscape and give the listener an idea of the borders in which Mr. Parker writes. Walk Away is perhaps the most powerful and moving song on the record. Letting Me Down reminds the listener that Peter Paul Parker knows how to rock a little as well.

Stepping Up is a very well-rounded rock album. The very mellow approach in production makes for an easy listen (ala Cowboy Junkies) without losing the energy of the songs. It’s a fine effort that is worth a listen or six.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Peter Paul Parker at, where you can purchase a copy of stepping up. You can also grab a copy at CDBaby.

To go to the site copy this link into your browser.
- Wildy's World


Stepping Up LP 2008



Peter was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and is the second youngest of six boys. His first introduction to music was witnessing two of his elder brothers jamming to Glam rock covers with home made polystyrene guitars. Soon enough the polystyrene guitars became real and the second eldest brother Terrey, who had just finished the first european tour with The Rolling Stones as lighting manager, took an interest and recorded an album at home with his two younger brothers. Peter, being artistic and painting from very early age, saw that he would be able to express himself in a different way through music after witnessing his elder brothers endeavours.
Peter picked up the acoustic guitar and jammed along to his brothers music, then moved onto bass guitar finally finding his forte.
Peter found an expression for his grief at losing his parents at early age firstly through the anger of punk, and then through the passion of rock.
Studying bass guitar and musical theory at Basstech in Acton enabled Peter to enhance his natural talent and improve his chances as a gigging musician.
His first big break was playing bass guitar with the original members of Thin Lizzy at a Phil Lynnot tribute gig. This was the springboard for Peter to tour the UK and Europe in various different bands.
While all this was happening, Peter found time to hone his songwriting and production skills to enable him to write a spoken word album with Ted Golder, an American associate, and form the band, The Spoken X. At the same time Peter is continually writing songs with the emotion and passion of his earlier life, Through his experience in production he has also developed an interest in instrumental music of different genres. He is now focusing his career and has completed his first solo album entitled “Stepping Up”. Also he is currently performing in the West End of London on a regularly basis as a solo performer and is in the process of forming a band to tour his new album.
Music is his life.
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