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The Lolo Project

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Here Comes The Lolo Project!
Roll out the beach blanket, shake up that martini, and, uh, boot up that hard drive, 'cuz there ain't no party like a home-burned party. Goofily strung together with instructional-record vocal snippets (including a choice Reveen cameo) and easy-listening loops both sampled and home-played or -sequenced, Peter Project's dance-night-of-one is as blissfully lost in '90s retro-retro space as Jaymz Bee coming on to Cornelius while Lady Miss Kier struts past and pouts "Ooh la la, la la-la-la-la-la!" All this is graciously reined in periodically, though, by some truly funny skits, whether impromptu dictaphone notes-to-self, taped phone conversations, or practice-space dickarounds, which give the album a sense of intimacy and irreverence that helps push the Project past mere novelty wackiness. CFD
File next to: Fatboy Slim, Pizzicato Five, smart playing silly - Wavelength Zine


The Lolo Fidelity E.P. (2001)
Here Comes The Lolo Project (2003)
Peter Project / Woodhands Split 7" (Fuzzylogic Recordings, 2006)
New record expected this fall on Fuzzy Logic Recordings



Cutting his teeth on DOS based samplers and Value Village Vinyl cuts, Peter has developed a recepie for rump shakin', moon walkin' crotch grabbin, tracks. Originally a one man project, his upcoming record due out this fall finds him collaborating with Torontos Masia One, More or Les, Woodhands, among others.