The Lolo Project

The Lolo Project

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Peter Project is the perveyor of instrumental Hanna-Barberra hip-hop. Heavy hip-hop beats, scratchy samples, cheesy organs and blaring horn shots bring you back to a time of sugar coated cereal, Saturday morning cartoons and Atari joy sticks. But now you want to dance to it.


Cutting his teeth on DOS based samplers and Value Village Vinyl cuts, Peter has developed a recepie for rump shakin', moon walkin' crotch grabbin, tracks. Originally a one man project, his upcoming record due out this fall finds him collaborating with Torontos Masia One, More or Les, Woodhands, among others.


The Lolo Fidelity E.P. (2001)
Here Comes The Lolo Project (2003)
Peter Project / Woodhands Split 7" (Fuzzylogic Recordings, 2006)
New record expected this fall on Fuzzy Logic Recordings

Set List

Sets generally last between 30 min to 1 hour