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Peter Roy Project

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The Peter Roy Project was started in December 2004 when Peter Roy recorded a solo song for the TURN LEFT film soundtrack. At that time, Peter had been singing for BLACK13 who also had 9 songs on the TURN LEFT film soundtrack. Peter felt the need to be creative musically without being limited to playing one genre of music. Thus, the Peter Roy Project was born. By mixing acoustic guitar, hip hop / jazz beats, piano, and other ambient textures, Peter would lay down the foundation which he would later position his trademark vocals over. After attending the Cannes film festival in 2005 to support and promote the TURN LEFT film; Peter decided to leave BLACK13 and pursue a permanent solo career.

Over the next year, Peter would write and develop new songs plus shot a video for one of his songs titled ..LOST...

In the late summer of 2006, Peter signed a record contract with the small indie label ADOWA Records. By signing to ADOWA, Peter decided to recruit a laptop DJ (DJ Brian Lindsay) to play his digital tracks while performing a live show.

Brian is a well known house DJ in Bavaria, Germany. His extensive experience as a vinyl DJ helped to bring a different feel to the Peter Roy Project. This created a visual onstage image of diverse musical styles being merged as one.

In June 2007, Adowa records released the debut CD from the Peter Roy Project. The CD is currently available online through CDBABY, iTunes, and AMAZON.


TURN LEFT film soundtrack; unreleased 2005
debut CD; released June 2007

Set List

Without you
neurotic salvation
Just Breath
d'ed out with angels
sad world
she's my
flowers in the shadow
quietly rusting
hurt (NIN cover)