Peter Thomas Hutter

Peter Thomas Hutter


Soulful Eclectic Acoustic Music with Growl & Purr and Powerful Dynamic Vocals. Skillful Writing & Playing style Ranging from Dixieland to Blues to Alt Country to Modern Folk. Politics, Love, Religion, Spirit, Earth, & Sky.


After a short stint in the gotta love it arm-pit of America, resettled in the Midwest and became one with the neglected corn fields and the places of successful rebellion from the plow. Ran away with the travelling circus of the Rennaisance fairs for at least two lifetimes only to discover the joy of singing songs about THIS century (what's the difference you ask? more on that later) Once I stood up in front of 10,000 people one thing became clear to me: matching socks are highly over-rated. Expect more seriousness from me than you might expect.

Influences: Greg Brown, Duke Ellington, My Dog, 4,236 species of Grass, frozen lakes, really really huge amazing trees, Richard Buckner, Injustice, Old 78's (the good ones) My funny Valentine.


Lots of Bootlegs that are soon to become collectible.

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