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"There's no place like it"

"Take Me Home" by Delray Beach country rocker Peter Troup begins, "Sun is sinking low, across the faded sky/Maybe it's time to go, maybe it's time to fly." Troup wrote this tune about running low on fuel and cash and letting the music take him home while watching the sun set in Vail, Colo. He'd been playing five nights a week at a bar and restaurant when he learned the establishment had sewage problems and might have to close indefinitely. "At this point of the season, everyone is pretty much toast and ready for things to end so the next journey could begin," Troup says. "The bar's closing was going to force me to change my plans [early]. I wasn't alone—my friends at the bar were out of a job, the manager was trying to figure out how to send back her last large liquor and beer order and it was turning into a disaster. All of these things hit me as I hung up the phone and looked west to an incredible sunset. The entire sky was exploding in color and I was overrun with emotion. I grabbed my guitar and the song went to paper faster than I was able to write this story." Troup will perform Sunday at a barbecue at Ascension Catholic Church in Boca Raton. To hear "Take Me Home," visit - City Link Magazine

"Peter Troup Live"

Peter Troup Live: by Myles Kornblatt

Next time you head to the Cove at 9:00 to try and pick up the girls still drinking from happy hour, do yourself a favor and stop. They can only hold your name in her memory for five minutes (trust me I’ve been there), and there’s something much better across the parking lot.

The Casa Mia Grill looks like an unassuming Mexican restaurant in the Cove strip mall except there is a line out the door. Don’t get discouraged because there are two very good reasons to go in there: Poc Chuc Fajitas and Peter Troup.

Behind the long corridor of tables you can begin to hear twangy class rock. Follow the sound, and you’ll find yourself in a large back room with a tall blond surfer playing your favorite tunes. Peter is one of those few artists I can say actually fits in the “Americana” category (ya know, not all country; not all rock and roll)

Its obvious Peter has a following by the way some people were shouting requests, but there were definitely a lot of newcomers like me just discovering this good time. Peter catered to a large crowd. When I arrived, he was playing a few tunes from the 90s for a couple of twenty-something kids who looked fresh from college, and then he dropped right in to a Beatles tune for an older coupe out on “date night”.

But what made me stay were his own tunes. His stuff has that feeling of heavy material coming from a happy place. There is a soul man trapped in a white kid here. He doesn’t have the blues; Peter’s just got more depth than is usually available around South Florida. The kind of thing Jimmy Buffet does when he’s not playing for the tourists.

The biggest drawback to watching Peter Troup is his CD – hold on let me explain… I get into all the music events I want for free, so I feel it’s my duty support any local artists I like by purchasing a CD (even though I convert it immediately to MP3 and throw the disk on to a pile for the cat to chew.) Peter’s presence and likeability is so great that crowd participation is a big part of the show. People are shouting requests and he rolls with the punches; he tells quick stories on song breaks; he picks out kids in the audiences and gets them to dance; etc. I spoke with Peter after the show. His CD isn’t him live and having fun, but rather a studio-produced album. So no matter how good the CD is (and this one is pretty good,) it’s a little lost on me when I’m listening to it at the gym, he’s promised that the next release will be live.

So put the drunk college drop-out with daddy issues down, and actually have a guaranteed good night with Peter Troup.


Brighter Day - 2009
3 Tracks from Brighter day are currently being played at The album has also seen play at local colleges. Album is available worldwide on all digital sources (itunes, emusic, lala, amazon,etc...)



Few musicians can cite the sun and surf of the Caribbean and South Florida as well as the snow and mountains of the West as inspiration for their sound. But Peter Troup isn’t your ordinary artist. He has observed life in locales on opposite ends of the spectrum yet found an underlying vibe that ties the two together. From the mountains to the beach and back again, Troup has honed his skills, defined his sound and brought smiles to the faces of everyone in between.
Growing up in Park City, Utah, Troup first discovered his passion for live music and his appreciation for his mountainous surroundings. As a kid, his family relocated to the Virgin Islands and then to South Florida, giving Troup a unique opportunity to absorb different cultures, not to mention a chance to fall in love with the ocean. Spending the rest of his youth and college years in Florida, Troup became a guitar player, initially cutting his teeth on the likes of Green Day. Tiring of the simple three-chord riffs, he started spending time learning the music of legends like Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and, of course, Jimmy Buffett (he couldn’t deny his South Florida heritage after all!). Early on Troup “realized that I liked making people happy with my music more than being an amazing musician.”
Shortly after college, Troup began to play out in local bars around West Palm Beach, Florida. A few months later, he received an unexpected phone call that would send his life in a new direction. A bar in Vail, Colorado offered Troup a residency for the winter ski season playing covers. After much deliberation, he quit his job, packed his bags, and headed west. One season turned into two and so on, and for the next few seasons Troup entertained people from around the world and really got his feet wet as a performer. A trip back home one summer convinced Troup that it was time to stay in Delray Beach, his hometown, and focus on writing and performing original music.
“Brighter Day,” Troup’s debut album, is the result of two years of intense songwriting and regular gigs back home. The mellow, often times beachy rock and roll captured on “Brighter Day” reflects Troup’s influences of classic rock, country and sunny, laid-back rock and roll. It also portrays Troup’s attitude, personality and outlook to a T. With an album in hand and a band of musicians ready to support him wherever he goes, Troup has a promising future ahead. And he owes so much of that to his diverse past.
“When it comes down to it, I started to play music to entertain and I feel that I have accomplished that,” says Troup. “There is no greater feeling than to make someone happy just because of your music. I’m sure that it could be considered selfish to some degree, because it makes me happy that they are happy. But as long as I keep putting smiles on people’s faces, you’ll see me on some stage, corner of a bar, or out on a patio playing some tunes. Whether the songs are mine or belong to one of the many great artists that have played music for people to love, I’ll be there.”

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Emilio Dominguez - Casa Maya Grill - Whether its a solo show or the full band these guys put on a show. Professional, fun, & a great addition to our venue!