Peter Turns Pirate

Peter Turns Pirate

 Barrie, Ontario, CAN

"The crowd was introduced to this artist as Peter Turns Pirate, an experimental / alternative / electro fusion musician. Within an instant, everyone was mesmerized. His performance was nothing short of spectacular! And definitely memorable!"

By BD Marie Hughes(Toronto Independent Music Awards)


Biography of Peter Turns Pirate

Peter Turns Pirate (PTP), a solo artist based out of Toronto Canada,
has been evolving his craft since 2004. His shows guide the viewer into
a world of imagination and intrigue. Known for his theatrical and
dramatic live setting, Peter Turns Pirate transforms the stage into his
own playground. PTP has toured Ontario, Canada for the past four years
and continues to entice audiences abroad. Some of his influences include
such acts as Nine Inch Nails, Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson
and Michael Jackson. His music is a mesh of metal, electronics, pop,
ambient and experimental influences. His shows include eclectic wardrobe
selections along with special effects that illuminate each of his
performances. Peter Turns Pirate is a true spectacle that cannot be missed.

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Collaspe of Wishes - LP, 2007
Wax Nostalgic - LP, 2007
The Noise After Sound - LP, 2007
Digital Labyrinth - LP, 2008
Existence - EP, 2009
Mega Watt Celebrity - EP, 2010
Into.Static.Dance-LP, 2011
Cinematica-LP, 2012
Theatre Machine- LP, 2013

Full Cd Intro. Static. Dance played on Toronto on Cenntenial collage Radio in Toronto on Music Therapy Radio.
:Single "Dance to the Reflection" played on International Showcase Radio - (United Kingdom)
:Single "The Building of a Better Machine" played on Maximum Threshold Internet Radio & Banana Peel Radio