Neil Young meets the Eels


“Understated and raw, his songs are laid-back,” observed a reviewer for, “but Walker adds an edge of desperation in a breathy rasp that is similar to E of The Eels or fellow Bay Area band The Mother Hips.” Still, the writer also called Landed “the perfect soundtrack for a very lazy Sunday afternoon.”

Landed is a handful of Polaroids, still drying, fanned out to reveal a cast of shadowy characters, some real, some imagined, some Walker, some not. Most long for solid footing atop ever-shifting ground. They seek connection but remain separated – by distance, by drugs, by dysfunction.

The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (Frank Zappa, U2) and Tony Hoffer, celebrated producer of The Thrills, Supergrass, Phoenix, Beck and Air, who added grit to the still-coalescing album.

Asked why he called the record Landed, he alludes to his role as storyteller: “Thinking about these characters, traveling through these experiences, the different themes – addiction and what it means to not be grounded in your life, loneliness, the nature of beauty … ‘Landed’ means that at this moment, when you’re listening to the record, I’m back from the trip; I’ve landed. I’ve seen all this on my travels, and now it’s time to show you what I’ve seen.”


Landed (2004) Dangerbird Records

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