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Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
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"this is excellent"

This is excellent. I will be giving Tranzworld Express plays on and the uptempo cuts on drive time Energy fm - DJ Joey Coyne UK June 2011

"this is excellent"

This is excellent. I will be giving Tranzworld Express plays on and the uptempo cuts on drive time Energy fm - DJ Joey Coyne UK June 2011


2011 Tranzworld Express CD Album
2004 Music Sculptures CD Film music & compilation Album.
1994 Balance CD Album
1992 Transition CD Album
1986 Sooner Than Laughter LP Vinyl Album & single for 'State of Summer'
1985 Move LP Vinyl Album
1983 Laminex Lovers Vinyl EP

iRan, China India, Chances of Life.
Live showreel
live clips to Tranzworld Express,Renewable Energy

Change Now, Dancing Hearts Orchestra, Tranzworld Express, Karma than Chaos ,Virtually Enlightened, Renewable Energy [long & short versions]

Bali Dream from the 'Transition' album
1992 Big Living.
1986 State of Summer.
1985 Move

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One of Australia’s most innovative musician/producers, Peter Westheimer, has recently released live show footage and new videos showcasing the depth of tracks on 'Tranzworld Express', his 6th album. Highlighting music as an agent of change and joy, this album has a unique electro-orchestral, ethnoambient, dance, chill, & worldbeat rhythm and feel .
With original and provocative multimedia performances , evocative video clips for each track and world class producers and musicians , the album has an edge and international appeal for its music and visuals.

Peter spent formative time in the Australian Youth Orchestra as a violinist and later in a New Wave band on keyboards , electric guitar and singer/songwriter. In the late 70's he was an actor/producer/musician in avante garde theatre and also immersed himself in cultural/spiritual studies in Asia spawning performances on sitar and teaching Tai Chi. He began experimenting with his own brand of 'synth pop electronic rock' in the early 80’s influenced in particular by New Wave . He found success with the seminal EP ‘Laminex Lovers’, which received extensive airplay on radio JJJ nationwide in 1983. His video clip to the 1985 Move album was acclaimed as one of the ten best Australian clips of the year.
During the mid-late 80's and 90's he composed many scores for national television documentaries, two feature films and art installations.
From 2004-2008 he ventured into full time politics as an elected councillor & deputy mayor of Byron Shire Council on the east coast of Australia before returning back to music. He maintains an ongoing passion for music, art, politics and the environment often combining them in his works.

His new and earlier albums continue to have timeless qualities and appeal for licensing and synchronising with film.
'Dancing Hearts Orchestra' from his new album has featured in the Australian Songwriters Association top 10 instrumental songs of 2011 and 'Karma than Chaos' was a 2011 semifinalist in the International Songwriters Competition [ISC].
His sound continues to evolve through new projects and has so far embraced genres including Electronica, World Beat, Instrumental, Orchestral, Asian/Middle Eastern, Cinematic, Ambient, New Age and Neoclassical.

He initially composed the 'Tranzworld Express' album on a laptop in 2009 while travelling on trains in Europe, exploring its beauty, culture and dark recent past, adding influences from previous travel to Indonesia, India and Japan, shaping an album that is uplifting with a brilliant knack for adding and taking away tension ,while never losing its momentum. It explores crossing genres in its creative interactions of music, lyrics, visuals and content.

"The essence of nature, music and people can transcend time and social difference to touch our souls. I believe the way we live our lives, express our creativity, treat our environment and each other, and how we embrace the inevitability of change are the key art forms and challenges of the 21st Century. "...

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