Pete Searby

Pete Searby

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Rythym-driven American roots music: from front porch blues stomp to alternative country rock, from gypsy music to the sound of Appalachia, from Irish/African folk to blues rock, this music will capture your ear and your heart.


Pete began his career in a small town north of Chicago. Inspired by the guitar work of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker, he played along with tapes for hours to get down songs like Long distance call and Crossroads. He then was inspired by the great ones: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. After many years of practice Pete moved down to Dallas, Texas to attend the University of Dallas. There he started a band with Brian Coyne (bass) and Joe Christoforo (drums). Together they formed “The World Shakers” and started playing the Deep Ellum and Greenville scene in Dallas. The band was played on local radio and opened for artists like Tab Benoit. Venues they played at were Poor David’s Pub and The Velvet Lounge.

After the blues/rock endeavor Pete took up swing and tried to hone his skills in the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Al Casey. He was also writing his own songs during this time which were based in the styles of blues, swing, gypsy, country and pop. Tom Waits and the Beatles were two big influences, along with The Old 97’s and old country music.

After four years in Dallas, Pete moved to his childhood haunt of Northern Virginia and met up with Arthur Jones, a harmonica wielding southerner from Jackson, Mississippi. Together they jammed on ol’ timey music, jugband music, and delta blues. After some time they created The Raucous Revellers Jugband, which played a host of old forgotten Jugband songs that struck audiences in Washington DC with a freshness and authenticity that brought them out time and time again to see the Revellers. The venues they played at were IOTA and Jammin Java, both premiere clubs in the DC area.

During the Jugband days, Pete got to know a bunch of good musicians and put together a group to help him produce an album of his own orginals. The result was “Ain’t no turning back”. On the album Pete makes use of a whole host of great musicians to give an eclectic roots rock sound that ranges from blues to gypsy, from folk to rockabilly, from alternative country to Jugband stomp.

Pete is now living in Manhattan, NY and playing solo with his guitar and harmonica.


Gypsy Dreaming

Written By: Pete Searby

There was a time, not long ago
When all we held dear was nothing but the show
And the world was just a stage

We traveled around from town to town
Like Gypsies we, never thought to settle down
And the world seemed so great

We traveled to all of the holy sites
But they were wholly for us, in the spotlight
Fame, never took us that far

No more trains, no more cars I’m sick and tired of all those bars
No more Gypsy Dreaming with you

And dreams don’t last forever
There’s always something better babe
On up that road
We all hope for milk and honey
But some go for fame and money
Why, oh why, tell me why?

We used to sing beside the riverside
Delusions of grandeur past out of time
So long sweet dream

We used to walk beside the railway track
Visions of never coming back
So long sweet friend


David's Town

Written By: Pete Searby

Hold him good and tight
The stars are out tonight
And he’s been sleeping by the fire

Lullaby she sings
Lo’ the angel wings
They’re inside now, beside the Child

Silent songs fill the room
And a beam from the moon
Falls like silver and rests on His brow
And he’ll awake in David’s Town

Lie down, fall deep into dreams of silent nights
You’ll awake to the sound of a Shepard’s cry
Oh my dear good night

All the town asleep
Jacob’s Well is deep
Down in dreamland by the fire

Shepards from the fields
Gather close and kneel
By the stable, beside the Child

And she keeps in her heart
As the world falls apart
A little someone that she has found
And he’ll awake in David’s Town

Lie down, fall deep into dreams of silent nights
You’ll awake to the sound of a Shepard’s cry
Oh my dear good night

Bound for the coast

Written By: Pete Searby

Waiting at the train station
Waiting for the Morning Sun, to arrive
Train will take you anywhere,
But you gotta pay the fare, your life

Destination, a poor boy’s haven
For hopeless dreamers and all
You who follow in the sleepy hollows
The voices singing of fall

Heading out west again
Far without a friend, alone
See the river on the right
Heading down and out of sight, alone

Sailing down to the waterfall
Take a leap of faith to find
Peaceful waters way down below
Where the morning sun won’t hide

All aboard the train is going
To a land that rises and falls away in time
To a forgotten country
Over the hills, beyond the see
On the tide

Waiting for the Morning Sun
A vagabond on the run, oh lord
Hoping in a memory, of a land he cannot see, his home

Destination, a poor boy’s haven
For hopeless dreamers and all
You who follow in the sleepy hollows
The voices singing of fall


Album 1999: "Jump Back"; Old Scratch was a song played on Dallas Radio
Album 2007: "Ain't no turning back; Songs are played on channel 76 XM radio and College radio stations in Washington DC and Maryland.

Set List

Gypsy Dreaming (jazz/blues),
Cannonball (alternative country),
Fair Marie (Irish folk w/afro rhythm),
Bound for the Coast (folk),
Ain't no turning back (blues rock),
The Other Brother (bluegrass),
Forever from now (singer/songwriter),
Ligouria (Alternative country),
David's Town (jazz),
Somebody's Knockin on my door (slide blues),
The Little Man (slide blues),
Spanish Skies (gypsy),
Sway of the pines (pop).
Walking Stick, Jackson Stomp, Old 97's song, Hank Williams Song, Jimmie Rodgers Song, Harry Connick Jr., Jazz Standards, Mississippi Blues songs, Tom Waits songs.