Pete Siers Quartet

Pete Siers Quartet

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

With 2 Saxophones, a Hammond B-3 Organ & Drums, we explore the music of various composers within the Jazz idiom - such as Cedar Walton, Larry Young, Hal Galper and Joe Henderson. We have a reputation for explosive live performances that leave audiences in an exhausted state of euphoria.


On behalf of the Pete Siers Quartet, I'd like to thank you for sharing this project with us. Performing with Duncan, Ben and Keith has provided me with a source of renewable inspiration that has given me a fresh perspective on why I do what I do. As a natural outgrowth of this muse, I have come to a greater awareness of my personal creative voice, as well as a deeper understanding of music and life. The time, discipline, and energy I have seeded into this project has produced an intense focus in my life on many levels. This focus has allowed me and our quartet to achieve a highter plateau of liberation, which feels organic. I gravitate to these guys on and off the bandstand because we fit together naturally as a unified whole. Now you can soak up some rays of this organic energy by absorbing our music. enjoy! Pete Siers


Organic Roots (2010)

Set List

60' - 75' sets
Beyond All Limits (Larry Young)
Caribbean Fire Dance (Joe Henderson)
When Love is New (Cedar Walton)
Right Now (Jackie McLean)
Promethean (Mulgrew Miller)
Visions of Gaudi (Tom Harrell)
Stolling Blues (Brother Jack McDuff)