Pete Stewart

Pete Stewart

 San Diego, California, USA

A more rockified version of Elliot Smith mixed with Plastic Ono-era John Lennon. Mildly depressing and strongly captivating.


In the Lenny Kravitz/Elliot Smith tradition, Seattle-born Pete Stewart is a solo artist who plays nearly every instrument and sings every note on his album. With songs varying from dark, acoustic depressive masterpieces to electric White Album-inspired blues rock, Stewart's songs successfully grab inner turmoil and create a canvas of thought-provoking emotion.

A life-long musician, Pete Stewart has been a successful producer and frontman for multiple bands. Most recently, Pete has been the lead singer for The Accident Experiment during the past four years, a band formed with fellow San Diegan and POD guitarist Marcos Curiel. With the band currently on hiatus, Pete has recently finished his album, I Gave You A Desert, and is currently booking dates both solo and with his newly-formed band.


I Gave You A Desert (coming early 2007)

Set List

Pete plays sets ranging from a few minutes to an hour or more, often incorporating solo vocal-and-guitar moments into his full rock band shows.