Petey Hop

Petey Hop


I have 3 different projects. 1. Original Rock'n' Roll and Roots band. Rockin' Guitars, great grooves over styles from Country-Rock to Alternative/Modern-Rock. 2. Singer Songwriter. Great songs w/ great melodies, arrangement and eclectic style. 3.Blues Band, Chicago, Tx., Country and Jump styles


1. Stepping Stone is an Original R&R band w/ influences from a wide range styles and eras. One self-titled, self produced LP to date, one appearance on WPDH(Poughkeepsie NY) radio show and tons of live shows in and around NYC.
2. Petey Hop the Singer-Songwriter has amassed a catalogue of great songs. He's soon to be recording his debut album so keep an ear out.
3. Petey King and The Wild Cards (nee Wallbangers) have been playing in the NYC area for over 10 years and have shared the stage w/ Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and many other local blues acts.
Having a firm grasp on everything from Chicago, Texas, and West Coast Jump blues, the band can rock the house all night long.
As well, w/ such a clear understanding of the history of the Blues they are well suited to back up touring nationals on their way through the Northeast region and beyond. Having recorded a live video and CD on WPKN Bridgeport's Antique Blues w/ Bill Nolan, the videos are available on
2 appearances on WDST's (Woodstock NY) "Blues Break" w/ Big Joe Fitz show that Pete can also deliver solo acoustic blues in the Piedmont, Delta, and Chicago Styles.


Stepping Stone as heard on WPDH, WDST and WPKN

Set List

1. Stepping Stone does an hour long, power packed set of exciting original music. Add covers from The Stones, Hendrix, Tom Petty, Nirvana, The Who, or the RHCP's and the night could go on for days!!!!

2. Petey Hop can do over an hr. of original music in a solo format. Adding covers from the likes of Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, John Prine, and others the set could last all night.

Petey Hop and The Blue Vipers can play over 200-300 classic blues numbers. Typically, two 1 1/2 hour sets gets the job done.