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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artist Spotlight: Pet Ghost Project"

“One dude... recording every instrument, clicking his mouse and
turning knobs as he layers screaming guitars and multipart
harmonies over rollicking drum beats, fuzzy bass lines, horns,
xylophones, and god knows what else. That near-anthemic
indie-rock track that you were just blasting in your headphones
is the direct result of one dude sitting in his basement, jamming
out... That wall of sound you were just consumed by is the work
of one very dedicated, very informed individual.” -Amie Street

- Amie Street

"Proper Introductions: Pet Ghost Project"

“This isn’t someone just playing with a deck and hoping
something discernable comes out of the speakers; this is the
work of a true musicial creator whose work is something you’ll
likely never get tired of listening to.” - Local Vertical
- Local Vertical

"Listen: Pet Ghost Project"

Justin Stivers, the brains and brawn of Pet Ghost Project,
owes his buzz and chords to Neutral Milk Hotel and the rest
of Elephant 6. I am not prepared to raise him up to the level
of his influences, but raising him above the filth labeled
“music”, which was spoon fed to us for most of this year, is
obligatory. Instead of writing a “Listen” concerning Pet Ghost
Project, I’d rather be writing a review of a record backed by a
PR team and with a limited edition pressing of 1000 on blue
vinyl about Pet Ghost Project.
- Consequence of Sound
- Consequence of Sound

"Pet Ghost Project"

Listening to the EP, it’s almost unbelievable that just one
person could come up with all of this. Stivers is a true
composer, orchestrating each sound as one piece of a larger
puzzle, never overindulging in a single element. His palette
is impossibly broad: piano tinkerings, distorted guitar solos,
live recordings of public spaces, dark lyrics, chimes, synths,
reverb, overdubs, mic feedback. Sound exhausting?
Possibly, but give it another listen, and you’ll see, like I did,
that this guy is a genius.
-Jezebel Music

- Jezebel Music

"Pet Ghost Project"

From gorgeous, Brian Wilson-inspired harmonies to industrial,
Radiohead-ish sounds that are impossible to identify,
the album covers a lot of ground. There’s a playfulness to the
songs that gives even the grungiest track a childlike,
almost pretty quality.

"The Pet Ghost Project"

Justin’s (Pet Ghost Project’s) music is layered with rich harmonies and interesting instrumental choices, and
resembles everyone from Animal Collective to the
Elephant Six bands to the dB’s, while aping none of them.
-NYC Taper

- NYC Taper


Great Satisfactory (LP) - 2005
Cheer Up ~ It's Raining (LP) - 2008
Idiot Brain / Genius Heart (EP) - 2009
The Wordless Conversation (LP) - 2009



Justin Stivers first meshed a lo-fi sound with hi-fi imagination first in Seattle, Washington. And after a stint recording and gigging in down the west coast, this multi-talented musician, composer and singer made his way to the hot-bed of music known as Brooklyn, New York. Now with 4 full LP’s and one EP under his belt, Stivers continues to meld countless layers of styles, genres, moods and dynamics to create a musical experience unlike any you’ve ever heard.