Nova Polaris

Nova Polaris


Voice, lyrics and music are one. Topics are reflections of everyday life in every man put to music - all by me. My band is my extended family- we laugh, cry, argue, worry, celebrate and love each other deeply and we know everything about each other and it shows when we perform. Audience: Faithful <3


Nova Polaris has traveled many musical ways to get to where they are right now. This is heard in the musical universe and language. They have a rare refined way of getting all the musical ingredients to work together, so that it is very difficult to define what genre it is. You will find roots into jazz, with hints of pop and soul. The groove is somehow funky and at the same time energetic and intense indie rock, they top everything off with a twist of ancient Nordic sounds. All is woven tight and lead by cunning melodies and out of this emerges a rare and very unique sound. As a lyricist Petina also manages to surprise with her take on life lived that is her subject matter. Each band member has been carefully handpicked to fit the music and Petinas warm and rusty voice. This fact makes it a true pleasure to surrender into this universe that on one hand is brand new territory and on the other hand is a walk down familiar roads and memory lane. Nova Polaris' audience feel safe in their realm and they let them in. All and any concert from stadium shows to cafe shows feels intense and intimate.


Light of Warning

Written By: Petina

The Light of Warning

What do you do when
the life that you knew
suddently ends in tears
Confirming the worst of fears?

Where do you go when
your loving won't show and
your body's an empty shell
and not what he knew so well?

Strange how it changed over night
Strange how you didn't see the light
of warning

How do you leave when
he feels decieved and
breaks down and starts to cry
repeatingly asking why

What do you say when at
the end of the day
pity is all you feel
and staying would be unreal?

Why do I do

Written By: Petina

Why Do I Do? Form: ABABCAB
A/ Keep reliving the moment
and the things that were said
How your eyes began shining
way back on the night when we met

B/ But I'm sorry to say
I moved on the next day and forgot about you
the kisses you gave
left nothing I'd save
Just a breeze passing through
So why do I do?

A/ Keep recalling the moment
your hand slipped into mine
and the insecure fumbling
that made you spill all of your wine

A/ Keep forgetting the reason
why you're constantly near
cause you chose to believe that
your love is connected to fear

C/ I kept the text to remind me of
What you gave when you spoke of love
the promises you thought so little of
simply was not enough


In 2005 Petina was a part of the ChilloutJazz duo "The Coupland" and released the full lenght album "Illusion" in Poland on the label LunaMusicLtd

2011 Petina released the first single "One step Closer" a solo pop-project under the name "Petina" in 2012 the second single "Come to Me" Followed. The third single is due to be released early April 2013.

April 2013 Nova Polaris will be performing on the new addition Nordic Stage at Florida Music Festival in Orlando. In June 2013 Nova Polaris will vbe attending and performing at New Music Seminar/NewYork Music Week.
November 2013 Nova Polaris will be releasing their first full length solo album.