My music is a mix of the various influences that have shaped my life. Being from a caribbean descend, living in England and Canada have shaped my musical sound.


Songstress Petra AKA the Empress, whose given name is Petra Grant, was born in the 80s in Leeds, England. From the moment she lined up her teddy bears and sang them old Motown songs at the tender age of 3, it was obvious that music was Petra’s calling and that a superstar was going to emerge. Petra’s love and enthusiasm for music led her to perform in many talent shows, school productions and church. As a child, she spent much of her time writing poetry, which later evolved into a passion for songwriting. When Petra’s family decided to move to Canada in 2003, she decided that this was her chance to really follow her dreams.

Petra has been performing in Canada for the past four years and has an extensive musical resume. In the past, she has worked with artists, promoters and producers such as Wonder Productions, Black Arrow Studios, Change Promotions, the Pryminister, Blak child, Rich London, and Daetona, just to name a few. She has even had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Loon and Mobb Deep and featured on many albums and mix tapes. She has performed across Ontario in numerous events and venues such as Café Mirage, Rastafest 2007, Sensual Lounge, DNA Nightclub, Seneca College, York University, the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga and The Jamaican Canadian Centre (JCC). Petra recently signed with Qryptonik Records and is currently working on her debut album.

With a style unlike any other, Petra has infused an eclectic sound of hip-hop, reggae and soul with her signature vocals that has allowed her to stand out from the mainstream. Her elegance, polished and innovative style allows her to be noticed as a creative trendsetter. Described as a Lauryn Hill and India Irie meets Lady Saw, her songs are smooth, warm, and speak of love, passion, pain, feminism, sexuality, upliftment and struggle. Being a voice for the voiceless, she has the ability to tell stories with her words, and is not afraid to touch on real issues such as politics, war, society and the current state of the world. The kinds of topics that she finds some artists are fearful of speaking about.

Petra’s love for music doesn’t stop there; she has already established herself in the field of Radio broadcasting by being the host and programmer for three radio shows. She currently hosts the shows ‘Breakin Culture’, an arts and entertainment show and ‘Represent’ a UK R ‘n’ B, Garage and Grime show on CHRY 105.5 fm. Also she is a DJ for English Pound Radio, a station reaching out to the English community living outside of the UK. When asked what her goals are for her musical/ radio career, Petra’s only aspiration is that she be given the chance to touch the world with her gift and to shine.

Set List

My set is made of all original material. Usually between 5 minutes and 15 minutes but I can do longer sets if needed. My catalogue of songs allows me to perform songs catered to the audience, the theme of the event and/or the venue. My repertoire ranges from accapella to Soul music. From RnB to Reggae. From pop to experimental. I can do warm-up cover(s) cater to the audience if needed.